Order management with Buy on Google

After an order is placed through Buy on Google, the order syncs to the Orders section of your Shopify admin and it can be on hold for up 30 minutes while processing. For more information on fulfilling orders in your Shopify admin, refer to Managing orders.

Managing discounts

Discounts created in your Shopify admin sync to Google ads, free listings, and Buy on Google. Percentage, fixed amount, and automatic discount codes sync to Google. Buy X get Y discounts don't sync to Google. If you want to offer buy x get y discounts, then you need to set them up in your Google Merchant Center.

Learn more about creating and managing promotions on the Google sales channel on Google Merchant Center Help.

You can manage which discounts are available to the Google sales channel in your Shopify admin. You can also manage your promotions in Google Merchant Center. Learn how to edit a promotion or or change promotion status on Google Merchant Center Help.

Learn more about Promotions on Google Merchant Center Help.

Managing fulfillments

Canceling fulfillments on an order that was placed by a customer using Buy on Google can cause errors in your Google Merchant Center.

If you need to change the shipping information on an order placed using Buy on Google, then you need to edit the tracking information in the order.

If you need to cancel a fulfillment because of an incorrect item, then you should cancel the order. When you cancel an order, contact the customer and create a draft order or ask the customer to place a new order.

Learn more about fulfilling orders.

Managing returns

If a customer wants to return an item that they bought using Buy on Google, then they need to follow Google's process to return an order. Google allows for two different return window options: 30 days or 1 year. The option that applies to your business is determined by the return window that you select during set up. If you set the return window value to 30 days or less, then Google's return process allows the full 30 days for a customer to return an item. If you set the return value to more than 30 days, then a customer is eligible to return the order for a year.

After the customer initiates a return with Google, a return request email is sent to you. After you receive the return request, you can respond directly to the request by responding to the email, and provide a shipping label to your customer. From your Shopify admin, complete the return, and then select one of the following options in the Select shipping option section:

  • To create a return shipping label for your customer, select Create return label . This option is available only if your primary location and customer shipping address are both in the US.
  • To upload an existing return shipping label for your customer, select Upload return label. On the Add return label page, upload the PDF or JPEG file for your shipping label. You can enter the tracking number and shipping carrier if you have this information.
  • To create a return without any return shipping information, select No return shipping.

After you receive your customer's returned order, you can complete the return and restock the order from your Shopify admin. The Google & YouTube channel is synced when you complete a return.

Issuing refunds

You can only process full refunds for orders placed using Buy on Google. Partial refunds are not supported for orders placed using Buy on Google.

If you offer a refund without a return, then refund the order from your Shopify admin. The Google & YouTube is synced when you complete a refund.

Google offers Google Guarantee coverage on all orders placed through Buy on Google. If an order has problems including not arriving, being incorrect, arriving in poor condition, or hasn't been refunded after a return, then Google refunds the order. To learn more, refer to Google Guarantee.

Customer information

Customer information that you obtain from purchases using Buy on Google are only eligible for email marketing communication, and not for targeted advertisement purposes.

For more information on user personal information, refer to Buy on Google Merchant Terms.

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