Creating Google Smart Shopping campaigns

After you connect your Google Ads account to the Google Shopping app, you can create automations in Shopify for Google Smart Shopping campaigns. Google Smart Shopping campaigns can help you to promote your products and increase traffic to your online store. Learn more about Google Smart Shopping campaigns from Google Ads help.

You can manage and monitor your Smart Shopping campaigns from the Marketing page in Shopify. However, to edit your Google Shopping settings or sync new products, go to to the Google Shopping app page.

Create a Google Smart Shopping campaign

After you set up the Google Shopping app, one of the marketing automations that you can set up in Shopify is a Google Smart Shopping campaign.

When you create a marketing activity or automation in Shopify, you have the option to save it as a draft and publish it when it's ready, so that you can prepare your marketing in advance.


Google Smart Shopping campaign activity details

Campaign budget (daily) - The average daily budget in USD. The recommended minimum average daily budget is $5 USD. Google suggests that this is the amount you need to spend before Google Smart Shopping campaigns impact your sales.

Manage your Google Shopping campaign

You can review the impact of your Google Shopping campaign from the Marketing > Automations page in Shopify. You can review the following information:

  • Total sales - the total number of sales from your Google Shopping campaign
  • Total impressions - the total number of times a Google Shopping ad is shown on Google
  • Total clicks - the total number of clicks your ads receive
  • Total orders - the total number of orders from your Google Shopping campaign
  • Cost per click - the average amount of money paid for a single click on your ad
  • Cost per acquisition - the total cost of ads divided by the total number of orders

You can edit the amount of money that you have allocated to your average daily budget or pause your campaign by clicking Manage Campaign.

To make sure you have enough data, run a campaign for 15 days before you start evaluating its performance. Learn about measuring the success of your campaign from Google Ads help.

Editing, pausing, or removing Google Smart Shopping campaigns

You can edit, pause, or delete draft and published automations so that you can manage your Google Smart Shopping campaigns from Shopify.

When you edit a draft marketing activity or automation, you can save your changes or publish it. Draft marketing activities and automations are listed on the Marketing page in Shopify with a Draft label.

When you delete an activity or automation in Shopify, you won't be billed for it any more. Shopify syncs to the related service, like Facebook or Google to update your account with any changes that you make.. While the activity or automation is being deleted outside of Shopify, it shows a Being deleted status. After the activity is fully deleted outside Shopify, it's removed from the Marketing page in Shopify. Deleting a marketing activity or automation is permanent.

Marketing activities created outside of Shopify need to be deleted from the service where they were created.

Getting help with Google Ads

Contact Google Ads Help to get help with the following topics:

  • billing and invoicing for Google Ads
  • policies, ad reviews, and campaign optimization
  • setting up ad types that the Google Shopping app doesn't support, such as video campaigns
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Analytics

You can contact Shopify Support to get help setting up or using the Google Shopping app.

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