Fixing Google Merchant Center warnings and suspensions

To show your products on Google, your store and products must follow Google's policies. If you receive notification of account warning or suspension, then there are some actions you can take to resolve the issue.

Common reasons for account warnings and suspensions

For suggested resolutions to account warnings or suspensions, refer to the common reasons listed below.

Missing refund policy

If you don't have a refund policy on your Shopify store, then you need to create one. You can add a refund policy within your Shopify admin. For more information on Google's requirements on refund policies, refer to Google Merchant Center Help.

Insufficient contact information

You need to make sure that the contact information on your store meets Google's requirements. To ensure you have the correct contact information displayed, add your contact information within your Shopify admin. For more information on Google's requirements on contact information, refer to Google Merchant Center Help.

Misrepresentation of self or products

To resolve misrepresentation violations, refer to Google Merchant Center Help.

Request a re-review after a suspension notification

If a policy or data violation is detected by Google, then you might receive an email that describes the issue and provides a deadline to resolve it by. You can request an account review any time before the deadline you are given.

If all issues are resolved by the review of your account, then the warning is lifted and your listings and ads continue to run.

If all issues aren't resolved after your first request for review, then you can make a second request for review. If the issues aren't resolved after the second request, then the review button is deactivated and you must wait seven days before requesting another review.

Any review request made after two failed reviews must be made after a seven-day delay. Your account remains suspended during this time, and you can't request another review. This seven-day cool-down applies to all requests for review after the second request. You can see the end date of any cool-down period on the Account issues tab of the Diagnostics page in your Merchant Center account.


After you request a re-review, the status of your Google Merchant Center account changes to Under review. Review requests can take up to seven days. When a review is complete, you receive an email notification.

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