Set up the Google channel

The Google channel automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center. You can then update your Google product feed directly from Shopify. For eligible stores selling in the United States, products synced to Google Merchant Center using Shopify's Google channel can appear in Google Shopping tab search listings for free.

You can also use the app to create paid Google Smart Shopping campaigns, which appear across a variety of Google-owned platforms and ad formats.

Set up the Google channel to sync your products

You can install the Google channel from the Shopify App Store. Learn how to install an app.

After you install the Google channel, you need to connect your Google account and Google Merchant Center account so that you can sync your Shopify products with Google.

Your store needs to meet a few requirements for the new Google channel to work. When you set up the Google channel, you can review the requirements to see if you need to make any changes to your online store or shipping settings.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Sales channels > Google, and click Add sales channel.

  2. Click Connect Google Account, and then select a Google account or create a new one. You need to allow Shopify to access your Google account information.

  3. Review the setup requirements for your online store, and make any required changes.

  4. Select or create a Merchant Center account:

    • Select a Merchant Account from the drop-down list. The Merchant Center IDs listed are the ones associated with your Google account. To avoid approval delays, select the account that was connected to the old Google channel.
    • If you don't have a Merchant Center account, then click Create new, and then complete the account creation process from Google Merchant Center.
  5. You need to verify yourself as the Merchant Center account owner.

    1. In the Verify it's you section, enter your phone number, select your country from the drop-down menu, and click Get code to receive your verification code.
    2. In the Verify it's you window, enter the 6-digit code that is sent by text message to your phone.
    3. Click Verify.
  6. Click Select beside Target market to set up where you want to sell your products, and then select a target market and the language. Your store's currency settings determine the countries and regions available for you to target. The languages available are based on those supported by Google, and depend on your target market.

  7. If you're setting up for paid marketing on Google, click Select beside Shipping settings, and then click the drop-down menu to select automatic or manual configuration of shipping rates:

    • Select Automatically import shipping settings to sync your shipping rates from Shopify, and then click Save. Learn more about syncing your shipping rates with Google Merchant Center.
    • Select Manually set up shipping settings in Google Merchant Center to set up your shipping rates on Google Merchant Center, and then click Save.
  8. Optional: set your product title and description preferences for products synced with Google. Learn more about optimizing your product titles and descriptions for Google Shopping.

After you complete setup, products that are available to your online store automatically begin to sync with Google. For eligible stores, products synced to Google Merchant Center using Shopify's Google channel can appear on relevant Google surfaces for free.

Learn more about syncing your Shopify products with Google and product sync errors.

From the Overview page in the Google sales channel, you can view your product listing and marketing information:

  • Product listings: All of the products that you have synced to the Google Merchant Center. Your approved products might be eligible to show for free across different Google surfaces such as, the Shopping tab, Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Lens. Learn more about listing your products for free on Google.
  • Marketing: Create or connect your Google ads account, and set up paid Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. Learn more about Google Smart Shopping Campaigns.

Optional: Connect your Google Ads account to the Google channel

If you want to create Google Smart Shopping campaigns in Shopify, then you can connect your Google Ads account to the Google channel while you're waiting for your products to sync. Learn more about Google Smart Shopping campaigns from Google Ads help.

If you already have a Google Ads account associated with the email address that you used to set up the Google channel, then add that account.

If you don't have a Google Ads account or you want to use a different account, then you can create a new account while setting up the Google channel. When you create a Google Ads account by using the Google channel in Shopify, you can qualify for a Google Ads credit toward your ad spend.


  1. From the Settings page in the Google channel, select or create a Google Ads account:
    • If you already have a Google Ads account, then select it in the drop-down menu, and then click Connect.
    • If you don't have a Google Ads account that you want to connect, then click Create new. Review the terms of service, and then click Accept Terms. You will receive an email from Google within 24 hours, and then you can accept the Google Ads access request.
  2. In the Google Ads account section, click View details next to Add billing information in your Google Ads Account settings.
  3. Make sure you've added billing information to your Google Ads account, then click I've added billing info.

Accept the Google Ads access request

If the email address that you used to set up the Google channel is associated with an existing Google Ads account, then you'll receive an access request confirmation email.

When you create your Google Ads account by using the Google channel, you receive an email to accept your Google Ads account. You need to accept the invitation in the email to confirm your email address.

After you've accepted the invitation, it might take a few minutes for the access request to be processed.

Adding your billing information to your Google Ads account

Make sure that your billing information is in your Google Ads account. For details on how to add your billing information, see Manage your payment methods in the Google Ads Help.

After you've added your billing information, confirm you have completed the task by clicking I've added billing details.

Conversion tracking for Google Ads with the Google channel

The Google channel automatically adds conversion tracking events to your Google Ads account when you set it up. If your store already has Google conversion tracking set up through edits to the theme code or through a third-party app, then the conversion tracking events might be duplicated and your report data will be inaccurate. You can disable duplicated conversion tracking events from your Google Ads account. Learn more about conversion settings from Google Ads Help.

Earn Google Ads credit

When you create a Google Ads account using the Google channel in Shopify, you can qualify for extra ad credits. When you start advertising with Smart Shopping Campaigns, you can earn ad credits of up to 150 USD within the first 30 days.

Within 5 days following the end of the promotional period, any credits that you earn are automatically applied to your Google Ads account. To learn more, refer to the Google Ads promotions terms and conditions.

You don't receive a notification when there aren't any credits remaining and any additional costs of advertising are billed to your account. If you don't want to continue advertising with Google Ads, then you can pause or delete your campaigns from your Google Ads account.

Eligible countries

Google offers the Google Ads credit in the following countries, and for the following amounts:

Country eligibility and amounts for the Google Ads credit
Country Spend match amount
United States 150 USD
Canada 150 CAD
United Kingdom 120 GBP
Australia 150 AUD
Austria 120 EUR
Denmark 900 DKK
Finland 120 EUR
France 120 EUR
Germany 120 EUR
Greece 120 EUR
India 2000 INR
Indonesia 675,000 IDR
Ireland 120 EUR
Italy 120 EUR
Malaysia 225 MYR
New Zealand 150 NZD
Norway 1125 NOK
Philippines 3000 PHP
Portugal 120 EUR
Singapore 120 SGD
South Africa 900 ZAR
Spain 120 EUR
Sweden 1125 SEK
Switzerland 150 CHF
Thailand 2250 THB

Getting help with Google Ads

Contact Google Ads Help to get help with the following topics:

  • billing and invoicing for Google Ads
  • policies, ad reviews, and campaign optimization
  • setting up ad types that the Google channel doesn't support, such as video campaigns
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Analytics

You can contact Shopify Support to get help setting up or using the Google channel.

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