Shopping experience scorecard

Google's Shopping experience scorecard is a program that rewards businesses that provide excellent customer experiences. If you meet certain customer experience criteria, then your business earns benefits such as:

  • a badge on your listings that improves customer trust
  • increased customer visibility on the Google Shopping tab

There is no penalty for not meeting certain standards. Incentives are based on your performance compared to all other businesses.

About the Shopping experience scorecard

The program monitors the experience that you provide to customers in several areas including shipping speed, shipping cost, return cost, and return window. You are given a rating of Excellent, Comparable, or Opportunity for each metric. Your score is monitored automatically, and benefits are applied to your offers when you meet a certain performance threshold.

Google evaluates the information that it collects each day. Even though all metrics are calculated based on an impression-weighted average, there's a fixed look-back period. If your rating has been in Opportunity or Comparable for a while, then it might take a few weeks for improvements to be reflected in Google's evaluation. All merchants using Google's platform are eligible to receive benefits from the program and your performance is evaluated against all other merchants.

For more information about the shopping experience scorecard, refer to Google Merchant Center Help.

View Your Performance

You can view your performance by either opting in to receive performance reports or logging in to your Google Merchant Center.

Opt in to receive regular performance reports via email

  1. Login to your Google Merchant Center account.

  2. Click the gear icon.

  3. Under the Settings column, click Preferences.

  4. In the Email notifications section, make sure Tips and best practices and Reports are checked.

  5. Click Save.

Log in to Google Merchant Center

  1. Log in to your Google Merchant Center account.

  2. Click the Growth tab.

  3. On the Growth tab, click the Shopping experience scorecard tab.

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