Changes made before, during, and after a Launchpad event

Learn about the changes that can occur across your sales channels during a launchpad event.

Changes made before an event

Unless you choose to lock your online store before an event, nothing changes in your store before the event starts. If you lock your online store, then the store is inaccessible to your customers for the specified time before the sale. When the event starts, the lock is removed automatically.

Changes made when the event starts

After an event starts, you can't edit its details. Launchpad is designed to make changes to several parts of your store at the moment the event begins, not on an ongoing basis. After your event has begun, you can only change the end date and time.

When your event starts, the following features are enabled for the duration of the event:

  • The dashboard begins to track new purchases that are made across all supported sales channels. The dashboard continues to report data until your event ends or until more than four weeks have passed and the event is still running. Your event can run for more than four weeks, but its dashboard is available for the first four weeks only.

  • If your event involves releasing new products, then your products are published to the sales channels that you chose. This option makes a product available to a sales channel. Launchpad does not change product status.

  • If your event involves adding inventory to select products, then the existing inventories for those products are increased. For example, you create an event to add 150 red shoes. Just before the event starts, there are 50 red shoes in inventory. When the event starts, the inventory is now 200 shoes.

  • If your event involves running a sale on products or collections, then those sale prices appear in your online store and other sales channels. If your products have compare-at prices, then these values change to the regular, pre-sale prices of the products.

  • If you chose to lock your online store before the event, then when the sale starts the lock is removed and your store is available to your customers.

  • If you chose to use an event-specific theme for your online store, then this theme is used for the duration of the event.

  • If you chose to use event-specific Shopify scripts for your online store, then these scripts are used for the duration of the event.

Changes made when an event ends

When an event ends, the following changes are made:

  • The dashboard stops tracking event data.

  • Any products that were released (made available) to a sales channels by the event stay published to those channels. For example, if you create an event that publishes shoes to the online store, then these shoes are still available in the online store at the end of the sale.

  • Inventory amounts are not adjusted when a sale ends. For more information, refer to Automate additions to inventory.

  • Any sales or discounts that were applied to your products or collections for the event disappear from all sales channels. For example, if your event offered shoes at a 50% discount, then at the end of the sale, these shoes are offered at their regular prices. Similarly, if your products have compare-at prices, then these values are changed back to their pre-sale values.

  • If you changed the theme of your online store for the event, then this theme is replaced with the after-event theme that you chose.

  • If you chose to run specific Shopify scripts for your online store during the event, then these scripts are replaced with the after-event script that you chose.

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