You can use Launchpad to schedule, coordinate, and execute events, such as sales, product drops, and inventory restocks. As an event progresses, you can track its success by viewing the app's real-time, analytic dashboard.

You can use the Launchpad app to automate the following event tasks:

  • Change the product pricing at the start and end of an event.
  • Make selected products available to your sales channels to release them at a chosen time and date.
  • Increase inventory levels at the start of an event.
  • Schedule creative and theme customizations to better highlight the products involved in the event.
  • Schedule line item and shipping scripts to change prices and grant discounts at checkout.
  • Password protect your online store for a set duration of time before the start of an event to build hype and anticipation.
  • Gather data about the success of the event.

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