Dovetale Community

Your Dovetale Community is the list of creators and affiliates that have applied and been approved to work with you and your brand. When people apply to join your community, you can control which accounts are approved, and which are rejected from your Community program.

Respond to applicants

If someone applies to be part of your Community, then you can choose how to manage their application.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Dovetale.

  2. Click Applicants.

  3. From the New Applicants tab, click the name of a recent applicant that you want to review.

  4. Review the application and the social media information provided by the applicant.

  5. Next to the name of the applicant, choose the status you would like to set for the application:

    • Approve - After you choose to approve an applicant, they are added to your Community, and they can begin working with you and your brand.
    • Reject - If you choose to reject an application, then the applicant can not work with you and your brand, unless you choose to approve their application at a later time.
    • Interested - You can mark an application as Interested if you like their application, but might want a second opinion on whether or not to approve them. You can revisit these applications at any time and choose to approve or reject the applicant.
    • Maybe - If you're not ready to approve an applicant, or need some time to think bout the application, then you can mark the application as Maybe.
  6. If you click Approve, then the APPROVE APPLICANT dialogue opens, and you can confirm your approval, and send your new Community member an approval message.

  7. Optional: If you want to offer an affiliate code to your new Community member, then click Add affiliate offer, and then enter the code.

  8. Click Approve & send message.

Manage Community members

You can manage and view information about the members of your Community in the Members tab of the Dovetale app. You can access social media metrics for your Community members, such as follower count, affiliate offers that you have given them, and the total number of sales they have generated for your business.

From the Members tab, click the name of the Community member that you want to review. The Creator Profile Card opens, and you can review their personal information, shipping address, birthday, social media metrics, and social media content.


Gifts can be sent only to Community members.

Create a gift

You can offer three different gift types to your Community members. You can choose to send Free products, Discount code (%), or Discount code ($). After a gift has been created, it's saved in your Gifts list, so you can send it again in the future.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Dovetale.

  2. Click Gifts.

  3. Click Create new gift, and then select the gift type that you want to create from the drop-down list.

  4. In the new SEND GIFT dialogue, enter the gift name.

  5. In the Select products section, select the gift that you want to offer your Community members.

  6. Click Create gift.

Send a gift

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Dovetale.

  2. Click Gifts.

  3. In the Gifts section, click Send this gift next to the gift you want to send.

  4. In the new SEND GIFT window, click Select members.

  5. Choose the Community member that you want to send a gift to, and then click Select.

  6. Confirm all of the information, including shipping method, and billing address.

  7. Click Send Gifts.

After your Community member claims their gift, an order is created in your Shopify admin to fulfill.

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