Shyp gives you powerful shipping and fulfillment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Shyp couriers come to your door to pick up the orders you need to ship, then pack and ship them for you to save you time and money.

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If you need support for Shyp, then contact Shyp directly.

How Kit works with Shyp

Shyp uses Kit to let you know when you've got new orders that can be fulfilled by Shyp. Kit will ask you if you'd like to schedule a pick up for the next available window. If you say yes, then a pick up will be scheduled and a member of the Shyp team will collect your orders at the arranged time.

Congratulations, we've made some sales! We have 5 orders that are ready to Shyp. Would you like to schedule a Shyp pickup for the next window (1pm - 2pm)?


"Great, I'll schedule the pick up with Shyp. You can always check the status here."

Connect Kit and Shyp


  1. If you don't already have the app, then install it in your Shopify store.

  2. Visit the apps page of the Kit dashboard.

  3. Under Shyp, click Connect to Kit.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Kit will ask you to authorize the app connection. Click Confirm.

When you return to the apps page of the Kit dashboard, you should see that the app is connected.

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