Running discounts with Kit

With Kit, you can create and promote discount codes for your store. You'll need to know a the following details about your discount before you can create it:

  • The discount type (percentage off, fixed amount off, or free shipping)
  • The amount of the discount (a percentage or fixed amount)
  • The minimum order amount to qualify for the discount
  • The name of the discount code

By default, Kit sets up a few things for you:

  • The discount starts the day you create it with Kit
  • The discount runs for 7 days
  • The discount is available to all customers
  • Customers can use the discount multiple times

After you create a discount with Kit, the code is active right away. You can change or deactivate the discount code from your Shopify admin.

Create a discount

Kit can offer to create a discount code for you if you ask about marketing products.


  1. Say hi kit to start a new conversation with Kit:

    Hi Kit

    Hi, let's get started. Please tell me what you'd like to do (respond with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) or text me a horizontal photo and I will use it to create a social post or ad for you.

    1. Market products
    2. Run business report
    3. Update fans
    4. Adjust Kit settings
    5. Set a new goal
  2. Choose 1 to market your products with Kit, then choose 4 to create a discount code.

  3. Kit asks what kind of discount code you want to create:

    Great, what kind of discount would you like me to create?

    1. Percentage off
    2. Fixed amount off
    3. Free shipping


  4. Kit asks for some details on your discount:

    What percentage off would you like your discount to be?


    Should I set a minimum order amount for this discount? You can tell me an amount or say "No".


  5. Kit asks for a name for your discount code:

    Okay! What should we name the discount code? (Perhaps "APRIL20")


  6. Kit confirms the details for your new discount code:

    Perfect. Discount code APRIL20 will give customers 20.00% off their entire order, valid starting today and ending in 7 days. Can I go ahead and create this discount code?

    1. Yes
    2. No


Your new discount is available for customers to use immediately.

Promote a discount

After you've created a new discount with Kit, Kit offers to promote the discount by making a post or running an ad.


  1. Kit follows up with you after creating the discount code:

    Great, Ive created the discount code. To get customers excited and drive awareness, how would you like me to promote this discount?

    1. Facebook ad
    2. Facebook post
    3. Send an email marketing campaign


  2. Kit confirms your choice before doing anything:

    Here's a preview of the post: Can we publish this?

    1. Yes
    2. No


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