Using Kit for email marketing

You can use Kit to run an email campaign to market your products, and to send thank you emails to your customers.

Setting up an email marketing campaign

When you run an email marketing campaign, Kit asks you which products you want to promote. You can choose one of the following categories:

  • Priority products - the products in your store that you decide are most important to your marketing. These can be products that exemplify your store's brand, best sellers, or any products that you want customers to see. You can set your priority products from the Kit dashboard.

  • New products - the products that you've added to your store most recently. Telling Kit to update fans about your newest products can be a good way to highlight and promote new additions to your store.

  • Recent best sellers - the products that sell most often in your store. If you choose this option, then Kit posts about your best-selling products.

  • Slowest moving products - the products that aren't selling well. You can choose this option if you need to move some older inventory or give some other products a boost.

Choose a template for a marketing email

You can choose from eight different templates to use for your marketing emails. Select a template from the list and then click Preview to see what it looks like. You can also click Send sample to have a sample marketing email sent to you so that you can preview it in your own inbox.

Preview and send the marketing email

When you choose a category of products to market, Kit sends you a preview of the marketing email so that you can make sure you like it.

If you like how the email looks, then reply with 1 or yes to tell Kit to send it.

Sending thank you emails

After you make a sale, Kit can send an email to the customer to thank them.

Thank you emails are a great way to build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your customers. To maximize the personal feel and impact of these emails, they send only to customers after their first and second purchases.

Set up thank you email templates

In the Thank you emails section of the Kit dashboard, you can customize the templates for the thank you emails for both new customers and repeat customers. You can also choose whether to auto-send the emails, or to confirm them before they're sent.

To set up your templates:

  1. Go to the Thank you emails page of the Kit dashboard.

  2. For the New customer template, enter your email address, your name, and the subject for the email. Then, in the Message area, edit the message that goes to first-time buyers to fit your own style.

    Don't change or delete any of the text found between square brackets ([ and ]).

  3. Click Save. You'll see a preview of the email and a sample is sent to you.

  4. For the Repeat customer template, enter similar information and customize the message for customers who make their second purchase.

  5. Click Save.

Choose to auto-send or to confirm your thank you emails

After you've set up both of your email templates, you can turn Auto-send on or leave it off.

It you turn Auto-send on, then Kit automatically sends your thank you emails send to customers only after their first and second purchases. The emails are send 24 hours after the order.

If Auto-send is off, then Kit asks you each morning to confirm whether you want to send the thank you emails.

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