Using Kit with Instagram

Kit can help you run Instagram ads. When you run an ad on Instagram with Kit, Facebook bills the payment method associated with your Facebook ad account. You don't pay Kit for running Instagram ads.

You can use Kit to create Instagram ads that showcase your products and link to your store.

Instagram ads aren't related to Instagram product tagging. If you want to tag your products in Instagram posts, then you can use the Instagram channel.

Instagram ads guidelines

Before you run ads on Instagram, it's important to consider Instagram's design requirements for Instagram feed ads.

Set up Kit to run Instagram ads

The first time you run an ad on Instagram, Kit prompts you to complete a few steps to set up your Shopify, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. For more details, watch a video on Setting Up Instagram Ads.


  1. Log in to the Kit dashboard, and go to the Skills page.

  2. On the Connect Kit to Instagram page, click Create Facebook Business Manager Account.

  3. Copy your account number.

  4. Click Take me to Business Manager.

  5. Click Add New Ad Accounts, then click Add an Ad Account.

  6. Paste your account number into the Ad account ID field, and then accept the terms.

  7. Click Claim Ad Account.

  8. In Facebook Business Manager, click Instagram Accounts.

  9. Click Claim New Instagram Account.

  10. Enter the username and password for your Instagram account, and then click Next.

  11. Select the Facebook ad account that you want to use with Instagram, and then click Next. Make sure it's the same ad account number that you copied and pasted earlier.

  12. Click Done to finish connecting your Instagram account.

  13. In Kit, click Select beside your Instagram account name on the Connect Kit to Instagram page.

  14. Click You're ready to go.

Run an Instagram ad with Kit


  1. Say hi kit to start a new conversation with Kit.

  2. Choose 1 to market your products with Kit, then choose 3 to market products on Instagram.

  3. Kit asks which products that you want to promote. Select a marketing type by choosing a number:

    • Priority products are a custom set of products that you specify as important in the Kit dashboard.
    • New products are those that you recently added to your store.
    • Recent best sellers are products that have been selling well.
    • Slowest moving inventory are your products that have seen less-then-average sales.
    • When you showcase your store, Kit chooses a selection of products to promote.
  4. Select a budget for your ads. In Kit, the budget determines how long the Instagram ad will run. For $30 USD and less, the ad runs for 2 days. For $31 USD and up, the ad runs for 7 days.

Kit sends you a link to preview the ad, and the ad is published automatically.

Troubleshooting your Instagram account setup

Personal ad accounts can't be claimed

You might get an error on Facebook when setting up your Instagram account:

This personal ad account can't be claimed because there hasn't been any activity on it. Please create a new ad account in Business Manager instead.

To fix this error, you need to create your own ad account using Facebook's Business Manager.

After you create a new Facebook ad account, you need to contact the Kit team to set the account as the primary ad account for Kit. From, click the speech bubble icon, and then click New Conversation to request that the new account is set as the primary ad account for Kit.

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