Hiring Kit

To get Kit working for you, you'll need to add the Kit app to your Shopify store, connect Kit to your business's Facebook page, and choose your preferred way of talking with Kit.

If you're getting started with Kit, then you might also want to set up a Facebook Ads Account or learn more about your Kit account.

At the moment, Kit only speaks English, but we would love to teach Kit more languages in the future.

Install the Kit app

To add Kit to your Shopify store, first you need to add the Shopify Kit app to your store.


  1. Visit Kit on the Shopify App Store.

  2. Click Get to start installing the app.

  3. Log in with your store's information. You will be redirected to Kit's website to finish setting up the app.

  4. When you see the Allow Kit to market your store on Facebook dialog, click Connect to Facebook.

    If you have more than one Facebook account, then visit Facebook before you click the button and log in with the account that you use to manage your store's Facebook page:

    Kit dialog with the 'Connect to get started' button highlighted

  5. Facebook will ask you to confirm that you want to use the account that you're logged in with. Click Okay if it's the right account:

  6. Facebook will ask how Kit should be able to post to Facebook for you: publicly, to friends of friends, to friends, or only to you. Since you'll be using Kit to advertise your store to as many people as possible, you probably want to select Public. Click Okay to confirm your choice:

  7. Facebook will ask permission for Kit to manage your Pages and ads, and to access your Page and App insights. Click Choose what you allow to change any of these permissions, or click Okay to give Kit permissions for all functions. For Kit to work properly, you should not change any of these options.

Connect Kit to your Facebook page


  1. You'll be directed back to Kit's website to select the Facebook page for your store. Click the icon for your Facebook page, then click Confirm primary Facebook page:

    Kit website asking the user to choose a Facebook page by clicking an icon

  2. Kit's website will ask how you want to talk with Kit. You can choose to talk with SMS or Facebook Messenger. You can change this later. Click the method that you want to use to talk to Kit.

    If you choose SMS:

    1. Kit will ask for your phone number, time zone, and email address. Fill out the information and click Submit.
    2. Kit will text you a confirmation code. Type the code into the Confirmation code box and click Confirm.

    If you choose Messenger, Kit will ask you to confirm your current Facebook account as the one you want to use with Messenger. Click Send to Messenger to confirm the account.

  3. You'll get a message from the Kit website confirming that the setup process is finished. Click Continue to get some further, optional instructions.

For now, you're ready to let Kit start working for you.

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