Set up Facebook dynamic ads

Facebook dynamic ads promote relevant products to shoppers who have visited your Shopify store. Shoppers who see ads for products that they have previously shown an interest in are more likely to convert into paying customers.

After you're set up to run Facebook dynamic ads, Kit will propose that you run a campaign for 2 weeks to target your past visitors. If you agree to the budget, Kit will build the audience and the ad template for you.

The audience is built by use of the Facebook pixel and by tracking visitor behavior on your store, such as viewing a product or adding a product to their cart. Visitors are included in the audience if they were active on your store in the last 30 days. The ads start running after the audience size includes at least 20 visitors, so it might take a few days.

The ads are then dynamically created by Facebook for each visitor. The ads are Facebook carousel ads that are personalized to show the products that the particular visitor viewed or added to their cart.

Set up Kit to run Facebook dynamic ads


  1. Log in to Kit and go to the Skills page.

  2. Click Retarget visitors and increase conversions:

    Retarget visitors and increase conversions

  3. Click Connect:

    Connect button

  4. On the Teach Kit the Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Skill page, click Create Business Manager Account.

  5. After your account is created, click the copy icon that is shown next to your account ID number:

    Copy icon beside your account ID number

  6. After you've copied your account number, click Take me to Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager opens.

  7. Click Add New Ad Accounts, then click Add an Ad Account:

    Add an Ad Account link

  8. Paste the account ID number that you copied into the Ad account ID box:

    Add an Ad Account dialog of Facebook Business Manager

  9. Click Claim Ad Account.

  10. Check the I agree terms and then click You're ready to go.

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