Your Kit account

When you start working with Kit, you get an account with Kit and access to the Kit dashboard, where you can adjust your Kit settings and change your account.

Use Kit for free, pay for ads

You can sign up and use most Kit features for free, with no subscription cost. There is no cost for making social posts, running business reports, using Kit skills, or setting goals.

Running Facebook and Instagram ads with Kit is not free — you pay the normal amount for advertising on Facebook.

Remove Kit

If you want to temporarily take a break from messaging with Kit, then you can pause or stop Kit's messages. If you want to completely remove Kit from your store, you can do that from your Apps page.


  1. Visit the Apps page of your Shopify admin.

  2. Click the uninstall (trash bin) icon next to your Kit app.

  3. Click Delete to confirm your choice.

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