Prepare to run ads

A popular feature of Kit is running Facebook and Instagram ads. Kit is free to use, but any ads that you run do have a cost and are billed to you directly by Facebook.

Add a payment method on Facebook


  1. Login to your Facebook account.

  2. Click the drop-down menu, and then click Settings.

    Facebook Settings menu

  3. Click Payments.

    Facebook Payments button

  4. Click Ads Billing.

    Facebook Ads Billing button

    Facebook Ads Manager opens.

  5. Click Add Payment Method.

    Facebook Add Payment Method button

  6. In the Select a Payment Method window, select and fill in your payment information, and then click Continue.

    Facebook Select a Payment Method window

Set the Facebook spend cap

In Facebook, you can set a cap on the amount of money you spend for advertising. But if you have a successful ad campaign running and you hit your spend cap in the middle of it, then Facebook automatically stops the campaign.

To avoid this from happening, set a spend cap of $0 so that you don't have to worry about your campaigns stopping without you being aware.

To learn more about setting your spend cap, see the following video: Facebook Spend Cap.

Select the products to advertise

Kit is connected to your Shopify store and stays up to date on the newest, best selling, and slowest moving products in your store. Kit always offers those three categories to you as options to advertise in your Facebook or Instagram ads.

If you'd like a little more control over which products you advertise, set up your priority products.

Start running ads

To start running your ads, you can simply ask Kit over SMS or Facebook Messenger to Market products. Kit responds with your marketing options, including Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and email marketing. Continue the conversation with Kit to get your ad campaign started.

For more information about communicating with Kit about your ads, see Talking to Kit.

Before running Instagram ads, make sure you do the additional set-up steps in Set up Instagram ads.

Ad budgets and duration

Kit's ad budgets are preset to help ensure that your ads will be successful. You currently can't change the budgets.

The duration of an ad campaign depends on the budget you select when you start the campaign.

Ads with a budget of $30 or less run for 2 days. Ads with a budget of $30 or more run for 7 days. Dynamic product ads run for 14 days.

Facebook policies for ads

All ads for Facebook that are created by Kit must abide by the Facebook Advertising Policies, and are approved or rejected by Facebook. If an ad doesn't meet their standards, the ad is rejected and you won't be billed. Kit doesn't play any role in the process of approving ads.

For example, make sure you adhere to the following Facebook policies:

  • 20% rule - An image used for an ad can't have text (wording) covering more than 20% of the total image.
  • Adult products, including tobacco, firearms, and vape - Adult-related products of any kind are forbidden from advertising on Facebook. Even if you aren't directly advertising these products (for example, if they exist on your website), Facebook will reject your ads.
  • Alcohol and related products - Can only be targeted towards people over the age of 21 years old. They will be rejected otherwise.

For a complete list of the Facebook ad policies, see Facebook Advertising Policies.

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