How to use priority products

By setting priority products, you can tell Kit exactly which products you want to market. From your Kit dashboard, you can choose up to 5 products to put in your Priority Products list.

When you've chosen your priority products, you can select Priority products when Kit asks which products you'd like to market. This way, it's always easy to create ads for the most important products that you sell.

Kit's priority products dashboard page

Kit can promote your priority products on Facebook ads or posts, Instagram ads, or email marketing campaigns.

Choose priority products


  1. Visit the Priority Products page of your Kit dashboard.

  2. In the My Priority Products section, click Add 5 more. This button always shows you how many more priority products you can add.

  3. In the All products box, you can search for a product or scroll through a list of your products. Click Add next to a product in the list to choose it as a priority product:

    A product listed in the 'All products' dialog box

Repeat the steps each time you want to add a new priority product.

Customize your priority products

After you've chosen some priority products, you'll be able to see them in a list on your Priority Products page.

Click Edit next to a priority product to make changes to it:

A cursor clicking the 'Edit' button on a priority product

If you ever want to remove a priority product, just click Remove beside the product on the Priority Products page.

Customize product information

Each of your priority products has a Name and Description that you can set. The information you enter here is used instead of your store's listed product name and description when Kit creates a single-product Facebook ad for that product.

By editing the product's name and description here, you can create highly-customized ads for your priority products. You can even use the description to promote a special offer for the product or highlight an upcoming sale.

The dialog for editing a priority product

After you customize the name or description, click Save Changes.

Set a product photo

You can also set a custom image to use for your priority products. This image can be different from the image used for the product in your store. For example, you can use a custom priority product image to highlight a lifestyle shot of your product or to choose an image that you think will look better in a Facebook post.

Click Change image to choose a new image for your priority product, and select an image from your device.

A priority product image and the 'Change image' button

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