Using Kit with Facebook

Kit is great at marketing your products on Facebook, and Kit can help you run as many ads as you like on Facebook. There is no limit to the amount of ads you can run using Kit, but keep in mind that you pay Facebook for each ad that you create with Kit.

When you run an ad on Facebook with Kit, Facebook will charge the payment method associated with your Facebook Ads account. Kit doesn't take any share of what you spend on Facebook ads.

Your Facebook ads will appear in mobile and desktop News Feeds, not in Facebook's right column.

Facebook ads overview

If you run ads on Facebook, it's important to consider Facebook's ad guidelines and best practices.


To work best, your images should follow Facebook's guidelines for size and text content.


The images you use for Facebook ads should be 1200 x 628 px.


Images that you use for Facebook ads can contain some text, but to make sure your ad reaches the most people possible, you should use as little text as you can. See Facebook's guide for using text in ad images for more information on how text in images can reduce your ad's reach.

You can use Facebook's text overlay tool to check whether your image contains too much text.

Ad length

The duration of Facebook ads depends on the budget you select for each ad. Ads with a budget of $30 or less will run for 2 days. All other ads will run for 7 days.

Audience requirements

Kit builds audiences for your Facebook ads from people aged 18 and up. Since these audiences include people under age 21, Kit cannot market products restricted to people age 21 and over. If you sell these types of products in your store, Kit won't be able to run ads for those products.

Run a Facebook ad with Kit


  1. Say hi kit to start a new conversation with Kit:

    Hi Kit

    Hi, let's get started. Please tell me what you'd like to do (respond with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5) or text me a horizontal photo and I will use it to create a social post or ad for you.

    1. Market products
    2. Run business report
    3. Update fans
    4. Adjust Kit settings
    5. Set a new goal
  2. Choose 1 to market your products with Kit, then choose 1 again to market products on Facebook.

  3. Kit will ask which products you'd like to promote:

    What would you like me to market?

    1. Priority products
    2. New products
    3. Recent best sellers
    4. Slowest moving inventory
    5. Showcase my store
    • Priority products are a custom set of products that you specify as important in the Kit dashboard.
    • New products are those that have been added to your store recently.
    • Recent best sellers are products that have been doing particularly well lately.
    • Slowest moving inventory are your products that have seen less-then-average sales.
    • When you showcase your store, Kit chooses a selection of products to promote.

    Select which type of marketing you'd like to do by choosing a number.

  4. When you have chosen which products to promote, Kit will ask you how much it should spend on the ad. Select an amount by choosing a number. Ads with a bigger budget will run longer.

    How much marketing budget do I have to advertise this product on Facebook?

  5. Kit will let you know that the ad has been created and will send you a link to preview the ad:

    Great! The ad will be live on Facebook in a few minutes and will run for 7 days. Here's a preview of the ad and I will keep you updated on how it performs. Can I do anything else for you?

    1. Market products
    2. Run business report
    3. Update fans
    4. Adjust Kit settings
    5. Set a new goal

Your Facebook ad has now been published.

Edit a running ad

You can edit an ad that's already running from your Facebook ads account.


  1. Log in to Facebook.

  2. In Facebook's top menu, click , then click Manage Ads:

    Click 'Manage Ads' in Facebook's drop-down menu

  3. Click the ad account that your ad belongs to.

  4. Find the ad campaign you want to edit and click the Edit icon or Edit Campaign... in the icon's drop-down menu:

    Click 'Edit Campaign' in the Ad Manager drop-down menu

  5. In the Campaign section, click Ad to edit the ad.

  6. Edit your ad by making changes in the Edit Ad dialog. There are a few things you might want to change:

    • the image
    • the display URL (a few words to show as a link to your store instead of your store's URL)
    • the headline and text
    • the news feed link description (a short bit of text emphasizing why someone might want to click your ad)
  7. When you are finished editing, click Save and Close to confirm the changes to your ad.

Set a spending limit

Facebook's spending limit is a way to make sure you don't accidentally overspend on your ads. With a spending limit, you can set a cap for the amount of money you'd like to spend on ads. If you spend enough on ads to reach your spending limit, all your ads will stop (including those that are performing well) — so it's important to be aware of your spending limit.


  1. Log in to Facebook.

  2. In Facebook's top menu, click , then click Manage Ads:

    Click 'Manage Ads' in Facebook's drop-down menu

  3. In the Ads Manager top menu, click the menu button ( ), then click Billing & Payment Methods:

    Click 'Billing & Payment Methods' in the Ad Manager's drop-down menu

  4. In the Account Spending Limit section, click Set Account Spending Limit:

    Click 'Set Account Spending Limit' on the Billing page

  5. In the box, enter the amount of your ad spending cap and click Set Limit to confirm your spending limit:

    Enter the amount for your spending limit

Dynamic product ads

Facebook's dynamic product ads let you promote relevant products to any customers who have visited your online store. Using dynamic product ads, you can advertise products to shoppers who have already expressed interest in your store.

Budgets for dynamic product ads are typically lower than budgets for standard ads, since the audiences for dynamic product ads are smaller and more targeted.


To start using dynamic product ads, you need to:

To complete these steps and start using dynamic product ads, visit your Kit dashboard.

Using dynamic ads

When you've met the requirements for running dynamic product ads, Kit will share a feed of your store's products with Facebook, and begin building a dynamic audience for your ads from customers who have recently visited your online store.

Kit will suggest when it's a good time to start a dynamic product ad campaign. For best results, it's good to have a dynamic product ad campaign running all the time, and to continue running standard Facebook ads as well — your standard Facebook ads will bring new customers to your store and thus grow the audience for your dynamic ad campaign.

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