Posting updates to social media with Kit

Kit can post regular updates to your business's Facebook page to keep your customers engaged and up-to-date.

When you choose to update fans, Kit posts to your social media accounts, but won't run any ads. This is a good way to stay engaged with your marketing strategy if you've reached your advertising budget, or if you want to make some posts without spending any money.

Priority products

Your priority products are the products in your store that you feel are most important to your business. These can be products that exemplify your store's brand, best sellers, or any products that you want customers to see. You can set your priority products from the Kit dashboard.

New products

Your new products are the products that you've added to your store most recently. Telling Kit to update fans about your newest products can be a good way to highlight and promote new additions to your store.

Recent best sellers

Your recent best sellers are the products that have been selling the best in your store. If you choose this option, then Kit posts about some of your best-selling products.

Slowest moving inventory

Your slowest moving inventory is the products in your store that have had the fewest sales. If you choose this option, then Kit posts about one of these products to your social media accounts. Promoting your slowest inventory can be a good way to clear out old stock or inform your customers about products they haven't seen before.

When you choose an option, Kit makes a relevant post to your store's Facebook page.

Ok, I have posted 'Navy sweatshirt' to your store's Facebook page. What else can I do for you today?

  1. Market products
  2. Run business report
  3. Update fans
  4. Adjust Kit settings
  5. Set a new goal

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