Talking with customers using Shopify Ping

Shopify Ping is a free iOS app that you can use to manage messages from your customers. Visitors to your online store can send messages using messaging channels like Shopify Chat, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Business Chat, and you can use Shopify Ping to read and respond to your messages from one place.

When you set up Shopify Ping, Shopify Chat is automatically connected to Shopify Ping.

Requirements for using Shopify Ping

To use Ping, you need:

  • an iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad
  • a Shopify online store

Set up Shopify Ping


  1. Using your iOS device, install Shopify Ping from the Apple App Store.
  2. In Ping, log in to your Shopify account.

Using Shopify Ping with Kit

Kit is a digital marketing assistant that can run email and social media campaigns. It can also create Facebook and Instagram ads for your online store. When you download Shopify Ping, you can also install Kit for your Shopify store, so that you can communicate with it using Ping.

For more details, see Kit.

You can use Ping to view and edit the ads and social media posts that Kit creates before they're published. You can also use Ping to view and respond to marketing recommendations from Kit.

If you're not already using Kit, then you can set it up from Ping. When you already use Kit, installing Ping changes your communication preferences so that Ping is automatically selected as the preferred communication method for Kit.

Set up Kit from Ping

When you set up Kit, you need to connect Kit to the Facebook Business Page for your store. You can also connect Kit to your Facebook ad account and create an audience for the Facebook Ads that Kit recommends.


  1. From the Ping home screen, tap Kit.
  2. Tap Get started with Kit.
  3. If the Facebook Business Page for your store is listed, then tap it. Otherwise, tap Search again to log in to Facebook so that you can connect your account to Kit, and then tap the Facebook Business Page for your store.
  4. Tap Confirm Facebook Page.
  5. Tap Connect your Facebook Ad Account, and then select your Facebook Ad account.
  6. Accept the Facebook Terms and Conditions.
  7. Select a target country to create an audience for your Facebook Ads.

Connect Shopify Ping to a chat app

When you integrate a chat app with Shopify Ping, you can view and respond to messages from online store visitors by using Ping on your iOS device. To integrate Ping with a chat app, you need to first install the app in Shopify.

You can use Ping with one or more of the following chat apps:

  • Shopify Chat - Customers can start a conversation from any page while browsing your online store, and you can read and respond to messages in Ping.
  • Apple Business Chat - Customers can start a conversation from your online store using the Messages app when they're browsing on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can read and respond to their messages in Ping.
  • Facebook Messenger channel - You can use the Facebook Messenger channel to let customers shop directly from messages and to respond to customer questions.

After you install an app that supports Ping, you can connect it to Ping.


  1. From the Shopify Ping Home screen on your iOS device, tap the apps icon.

  2. Tap Add beside the app that you want to connect. You can add an app only when your Shopify store meets the app's specific requirements.

Viewing and responding to messages in Shopify Ping

You can view messages from customers and from Kit on the Home screen in Shopify Ping. This is your inbox, where you can read and respond to any messages from the services that you enable.

When you respond to messages in Ping, the responses send through the original messaging service, so that your customers receive replies to their original message.

You can mark messages as read or unread from the Home screen.

Create saved replies

You can create saved replies in Ping to use for messages that you often send to customers. For example, if customers often ask you whether you accept returns or exchanges, then you could create a saved reply that includes a link to your store's policy. When you create a saved reply, you give it a name that you use as a shortcut to the saved reply when you're messaging a customer.


  1. In Ping, tap Replies.
  2. Tap Create new saved reply.
  3. Under Shortcut, enter the name of the saved reply. This is the shortcut that you will enter when you want to use the saved reply in a conversation with a customer. You can enter only one word for a shortcut.
  4. Under Message, enter the saved reply text. This is the message that customers will see when you use the saved reply.
  5. Tap Save.

To use a saved reply, enter the shortcut in the message field during a conversation, and then tap the reply that appears. You can edit or add to the message as needed, and then tap Send.

Edit or delete a saved reply

  1. In Ping, tap Replies.
  2. Tap Manage saved replies.
  3. Edit or delete a reply:
    • To edit, tap the reply, make the required changes, and then tap Save.
    • To delete a reply, swipe left on the reply, and then tap Delete.

You can share products that are available to your online store in Ping with Apple Business Chat and Shopify Chat. You can also send draft orders for products available to your online store and the Apple Business Chat, Shopify Chat, or Messenger sales channel, depending on which you use with with Ping. Learn more about sales channel availability for products.


  1. In Ping, open a conversation.

  2. Tap the store icon.

  3. Tap Products to open a list of available products.

  4. Tap a product.

  5. Select Share product page, and then tap Send.

Create and send a draft order in a conversation

You can use Ping to create new draft orders, and send a link to customers to help them check out more quickly. When you send a draft order in a conversation, the customer can click the link to go directly to the checkout.


  1. In Ping, open a conversation.
  2. Tap the store icon.
  3. Tap New order.
  4. Tap Choose products.
  5. Search for and then select a product to add to the order. If the product has variants, then you also need to select a variant.
  6. Optional: Tap Add product to add additional products.
  7. Optional: Tap Add discount, and then add a discount code.
  8. Optional: Tap Customize shipping, and then add a preferred shipping rate to the order.
  9. After you add all the products to the order, tap Send order.

Send a discount code in a conversation

You can share discount codes in Ping. When a customer clicks the discount code, it's automatically applied to their cart.


  1. In Ping, open a conversation.
  2. Tap the store icon.
  3. Tap Discounts.
  4. Select the discount that you want to share, and then tap Send.

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