Pixels and customer events

You can add and manage pixels in the Customer events section of your Shopify admin. Customer events are actions taken by your customers that can help you understand how your customers are engaging with your business. These actions are tracked with pixels, which are JavaScript snippets that are inserted into your store's code. Third-party services integrated with your store use the customer event data that they collect using pixels to optimize your marketing automations and analytics.

The Shopify pixels manager allows you to manage and add pixels that track client-side customer events. Client-side events are actions that take place in the customer's browser, for example, clicking on a link or adding a product to a cart. Previously, merchants were able to manually add JavaScript snippets in several places in their online store: in online preferences, in checkout scripts, and in apps. These scripts were not usually quality controlled, and were time-consuming to manage. With the pixel manager, your scripts are stored in a single management tool and run in a sandbox environment, providing an extra layer of security for your online store and for your customers.

Pixels can be added to your online store in two ways: through app pixels, which are installed through marketing and data collection apps, and custom pixels, which can be manually added by a developer in the pixels manager.

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