Pixels are snippets of JavaScript that run on your online store or store checkout to collect and pass behavioral customer data for marketing, advertising, and reporting. While pixels and other scripts can be essential to your business, adding third-party scripts can impact the performance, privacy, and security of your online store. Always review the scripts you add to your store to minimize any potential impact.

Potential risks

There are two ways of adding pixels to your online store: App pixels and Custom pixels. App pixels are automatically added when an app that uses pixels is installed. App pixels use Shopify APIs to collect customer data from your store, and provide added security due to the isolation of the data collected.

Custom pixels are snippets of JavaScript code manually added to your store through the pixel manager. Creating custom pixels is an advanced feature that requires an understanding JavaScript, marketing analytics, and event schema. Refer to the developer documentation on pixels for more information.

This is not an exhaustive list of possible risks with pixels. Always ensure you understand the code that you add to your online store or store checkout, or hire a Shopify Expert for help with custom pixels.

Performance risks

Pixels are scripts that run in the background of your online store to track customer events. The more scripts you have, the slower your store will run. Additionally, if the script added is broken in some way, then the activity could run indefinitely which will slow down your website or cause content to fail to load.

Privacy risks

User privacy is heavily regulated to ensure customer information is protected online. Code snippets can be used to bypass customer consent requirements, which violates the Shopify Terms of Service and can lead to legal liability for you. This is especially true if you live in or serve customers in locations with stricter privacy regulations, such as California or the European Economic Area. Remember that you are responsible for complying with applicable laws and getting all necessary consents when you use pixels to collect customer data. Speak with a lawyer if you are unsure about the requirements that apply to you.

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