Data and privacy

To use Shopify Audiences, you must opt in to share your data to the Audiences data co-op. The co-op is a pool of data from all merchants participating in Shopify Audiences.

The Shopify Audiences algorithms analyze this co-op data to identify millions of customer behavior patterns. These signals help match a customer's intent with the unique attributes of your store. They determine how likely a customer is to purchase from you.

Likely customer prospects are added to custom audience lists that you can use to improve your ad targeting. The audience lists are hashed to keep the data safe and secure. The audience lists are exported directly to the ad platforms. You can't view or access the customer data in audience lists.

Shopify Audiences is built to allow you to comply with applicable privacy laws in the United States and Canada. Ensure you are compliant with applicable privacy laws when sharing data used by Shopify Audiences. Learn more about privacy law compliance.

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