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Managing audience lists with Shopify Audiences

Can I exclude specific customers from my audience lists?

For privacy reasons, you can't find information about the identity or contact information of customers included in an audience list, and you can't add or exclude customers to a specific audience list.

Though you can't include or exclude customers for specific audience lists, you can exclude them from all audience lists. To do so, use the Customer opt-out settings in the Shopify Audiences app.

Can I find out which other merchants are using Shopify Audiences?

No. To protect our merchant's privacy, Shopify doesn't disclose which merchants use which of our products, including Shopify Audiences.

Can I exclude competitors from using my data for their audience lists?

For privacy reasons, Shopify doesn't disclose which merchants use Shopify product offerings, including Shopify Audiences. If you're using Shopify Audiences, then the data that you contribute will be used to benefit other participating merchants. You can't access information about another merchant or their customers, such as their names.

Are there ad campaign configuration requirements to use Shopify Audiences?

No, you can configure your ads in any way you choose.

Do I need to turn on the Conversion API in Meta to use Shopify Audiences?

No, the Conversion API isn't required to use Shopify Audiences.

Shopify Audiences privacy

How can I respect my customers' privacy?

To share data that you'll use for Shopify Audiences, you need to obtain any applicable permissions and consents, as required by applicable laws and industry guidelines. Learn more about Shopify Audiences data and privacy.

Do I need to update my privacy policy or provide an opt out?

If you decide to participate in Shopify Audiences, then you may need to update your privacy policy. As privacy laws are changing and new privacy laws are being enacted, you may want to consult with your legal team or a privacy law professional for legal advice. Shopify can't provide legal advice on your store's privacy policy. Learn more about US state privacy law compliance and Shopify Audiences.

Connecting to ads platform in the Shopify Audiences app

How do I switch to a Meta work account?

To switch to a Meta work account, you can complete the following steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. From the Apps and sales channels page, click Shopify Audiences.

  3. Click Open app.

  4. Go to Shopify Audiences Settings page, and select Meta.

  5. Optional: If your Meta Business Account has more than one ad account, then you might want to note down the connected ad account.

  6. On the Meta Business Account card, click Restart to disconnect your account.

  7. Click Connect to connect to your Meta work account, and click Continue.

  8. Select the Meta Business Account and ad account that were connected previously.

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