Shopify Audiences trial

Shopify Audiences is a tool that helps you to find new customers by generating an audience list for advertising platforms. Shopify Audiences generates lists of customers located in the United States and Canada who are likely to purchase from your store. Audience lists are automatically exported to your digital advertising account, where you can use them to launch ad campaigns that target that audience list.

To try out Shopify Audiences for a free 45 day free trial, your store must:

  • use Shopify Payments
  • be based in the United States or Canada
  • be on a Shopify plan other than Shopify Plus
  • have a Meta account

When you install Shopify Audiences and connect your Meta account, the app automatically creates a retargeting boost audience list, and exports the audience list to your Meta ad account. You can use this audience list to target your ad campaigns.

You can also monitor your ad performance relative to similar stores and industries with advertising campaign benchmarks.

Shopify Audiences trial checklist

Your trial period begins after you connect to Meta. The Shopify Audiences trial expires after 45 days. You can continue to access the benchmarks dashboard for Meta after the end of the trial period.

To continue to use Shopify Audiences after the trial expires, and access all features in the Shopify Audiences app, you can upgrade to Shopify Plus.

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