Excluding referrer domains from Google Analytics tracking

Google Analytics' Referral Traffic report shows you which websites generate traffic to your store. For example, when a blog features your business and readers click a link to view your online store, the blog is listed as a source of traffic to your store.

You might notice sources that you don't want included in the Referral Traffic report. For example, if a customer enters the checkout and then returns to your online store to continue shopping, then the checkout page might be listed as a source.

If you notice domains in your Referral Traffic report that you don't want included, then follow Google's instructions to add those domains to your Referral exclusion list.

To get the most out of your referral data, consider adding the following domains to your referral exclusion list:

  • The primary domain of your online store (such as sofiahousewares.com)
  • The checkout domain (checkout.shopify.com)
  • The Shop Pay domain (shop.app)
  • Any external payment providers that you are using (such as paypal.com)
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