Setting up Google Analytics goals and funnels

If you have a Google Analytics account, then you can define goals and funnels for your Shopify website. If there is only one step to your goal then you don't need to define a funnel.

Understanding goals and funnels

A Google Analytics goal can be any action that a visitor might complete during a session on your website. Typically, you would define a goal according to your business objectives. For example, you could define a goal as a destination page that you want your customers to reach, such as an order status page on completing checkout. When your customers land on that page, it means they've bought something from you. Another example would be the static order status page you've set up for a newsletter subscription.

Every time a visitor to your website completes one of your goals, it's logged as a conversion in your Google Analytics account.

A Google Analytics funnel is a path of URLs you expect your visitors to follow on their way to completing one of your goals. Google Analytics tracks the pages included in a funnel so that you can see how effectively your website is helping you with your business objectives. For example, a funnel can help you see how often visitors abandon the path to a goal, when they enter the path to a goal, or when they skip steps.

To learn more about Google Analytics goals and funnels, visit Google support.

Preparing to set up goals and funnels

Before you set up Google Analytics goals and funnels:

  1. If you don't have one already, then register for a Google account.
  2. Using your Google account, register for Google Analytics.
  3. Add your Shopify site to your Google Analytics account.
  4. Set up Google Analytics to work with your Shopify site.

Setting up goals and funnels

To learn how to set up goals and funnels, visit Google support.

If you're creating a funnel to track your store's checkout flow, then base its steps and URLs on the following example:

Google Analytics funnel example
Step Name Screen/Page
1. Viewed product /products/shoes
2. Added product to cart /cart
3. Added address /checkout/contact_information
4. Added shipping info /checkout/shipping
5. Added payment info /checkout/payment

When you finish editing your goal or funnel, you'll have to wait 24 hours before you see any data collected.

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