The Product insights page shows you an overview of the performance of your products, and suggests actions that you can take to increase your sales.

View the Product insights page

You can view the Product insights page from the Analytics section of your Shopify admin.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Analytics > Insights.
  2. Select the time period you want to view insights for. The default time period is 7 days.

Categories on the Product insights page

There are several different categories of product insights. Within each category, you see up to 25 relevant products. A combination of metrics determines which products are shown in each category and how they're ordered. For example, the High potential category is based on sessions, orders, and conversion rates.

Categories in product insights
CategoryWhat it means
High potential

Products that didn't get much traffic, but sold well.

Trending up

Products that have had the most growth in units sold compared to the previous period. If all your products grew at the same rate, then none of them will be considered `trending up`.

Top selling

Products that have had the most units sold during this period.

To improve

Products that got a lot of traffic, but didn't sell well.

Frequently abandoned

Products that are often added to shopping carts, but not purchased.

Not selling

Products that have been viewed but didn't sell at all during this period.

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