Reports are compilations of your store's data displayed in both a graph and table format, and are organized into categories, based on the subject of the report. The Reports list includes many default Shopify-built reports, but reports can be adjusted from their default settings to meet your specifications. If your store is on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher, then you can save your customized reports.

Report availability by subscription plan

Shopify reports are divided into categories based on the type of information that they include. You can access different types of reports depending on your store's Shopify subscription plan:

Report types by plan
Analytics and reports
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Shopify LiteShopify Starter / Basic Shopify  Shopify  Advanced ShopifyShopify Plus
Analytics page
Finances reports
(including taxes and payments)
Fraud reports
Order reports (2 of 6) (2 of 6)
Live View -
Acquisition reports -
Inventory reports -(5 of 7)
Behavior reports -(5 of 6)
Marketing reports -(1 of 5)
Sales reports --
Retail sales reports --
Profit reports --
Customer reports --(7 of 9)
Custom reports ---

If you upgrade to a different plan, then your additional reports will provide data from the time you started using Shopify.

For example, let’s say you start out with the Basic Shopify plan in January, and then upgrade to the Shopify plan in April. After upgrading, you can access the sales and customer reports, as well as all the behavior and marketing reports, and all the relevant data going back to January.

For information on plan levels and pricing, go to the Shopify plans page.

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