Custom reports

If your store is on the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan, then you can modify default reports and create custom reports using Shopify's filtering and editing features. Custom reports look similar to other Shopify reports, but use filters to show the exact data that you need:

  • To modify a default report, customize it by adding filters and editing columns, and then click Save as and give the report a name.

  • To modify a custom report, customize it and then click Save report. Alternatively, you can click Save as to create a duplicate of the custom report with a different name.

Your store staff can access all the reports that you modify or create, and they can duplicate and modify those reports.


  1. From the Choose starting point dialog, select the type of report that you'd like to start.

  2. If you want to give the report a descriptive name, then enter it under Title.

  3. Click Create custom report.

  4. Customize your new report by filtering and editing.

  5. When you're finished creating the report, click Save report.

You can access your report on the Reports page of your Shopify admin when you filter the list by Authors and then select Users.

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