Using Python in Notebooks

ShopifyQL Notebooks now supports the ability to incorporate Python code blocks into existing and new Notebooks. This will allow you to retrieve data (via http request), combine it, and visualize it within Notebooks using some of the most powerful data libraries available.

Python code blocks are available to Plus merchants with the ShopifyQL Notebooks app installed.

  1. Once in the app and in a new or existing notebook, you can add a new Python code block to the Notebook.
  2. After adding the code block, you can either type the Python code, or select from one of the pre-built templates.
  3. Another way to get started is to use the reference Notebook titled “Lesson 3 - Working with Python code blocks!” that includes pre-built templates as examples along with a few more in depth use cases such as, joining two ShopifyQL data frames together.

The code block uses Python version 3.10.2.

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