Customer View app

The Customer View app lets you use an Android device as a customer-facing display for Shopify POS. During checkout, the customer view displays the following information about the customer's cart:

  • name, quantity, and price of line items
  • customer name
  • discounts
  • taxes
  • order total and subtotal

The Customer View app is paired with Shopify POS through your local network. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same local network using WiFi or Ethernet.

Device requirements

Your device must meet the following requirements:

  • an Android device running version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher
  • 7 to 8 inch tablet
  • have access to the Google Play store

Pair Shopify POS and Customer View

After the Customer View app is paired with your Shopify POS device, it'll remain paired.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap More > Settings.
  2. Tap Hardware > Set up hardware.
  3. Tap Customer facing display > Customer View App for Android. If you're based in a country where the POS Terminal isn't supported, then click tap Customer facing display.
  4. Follow the app's on-screen instructions to download the Customer view app to your device, and then pair it with the Shopify POS app.
  5. To maintain the connection or to allow the apps to auto-reconnect, verify that both apps are running in the foreground.

If you navigate out of the Shopify POS app or if your device falls asleep and the screen goes black, then a Disconnected, refer to Shopify POS to reconnect banner might display. Unlocking your device or opening the Shopify POS should reconnect the Customer View. If this doesn't work, then tap Not working? pair again and follow the pairing steps.

Customer View can connect to a local network via WiFi or Ethernet but cannot transition between WiFi and Ethernet without going through the pairing flow from the start.

If you continue to have pairing issues, then follow the steps outlined in troubleshooting.

Disconnect the Customer View from Shopify POS

You can disconnect the Customer View from the Shopify POS app at any time.


  1. From the Shopify POS app, tap > Settings.
  2. Under Hardware, tap Manage connected hardware.
  3. Tap Customer View.
  4. Tap Forget Customer view.

Using the Customer View app

When the Customer View app is paired with the Shopify POS app, it displays checkout information for any order that's being processed using the paired Shopify POS device.

Customize the Customer View app

You can customize the Customer View app from the Shopify POS app.

  • Choose the message that is displayed on your customer view when no transaction is in progress.

    You can choose to display the default welcome message or a custom message. The default message is "Welcome to" and your shop name. An example of a custom message might be "Winter sale 40% off".


If you're experiencing connectivity problems between the Shopify POS app and the Customer View app, then follow these steps.


  1. Verify that the Customer View app device is plugged in.
  2. Verify that your network connection is stable.
  3. Verify the devices are on the same network. They should share the same SSID if using wifi.
  4. Disconnect the Customer View app from the Shopify POS app.
  5. Close the Shopify POS app and the Customer View app.
  6. Open the Shopify POS app and the Customer View app and pair them.
  7. If the Customer view app is still not connecting, then contact Shopify Support.
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