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Physical gift cards

With Shopify POS you can sell physical gift cards. You can choose from a range of designs at the Shopify Hardware Store, or use your own design and we'll produce your gift cards to order:

Gift cards available in the Shopify Hadrware Store

Your customers can use their gift cards to make purchases from your store both in person and online. To find out more about where your customers can redeem their gift cards, see Sales channels that support gift cards.

Requirements for using physical gift cards with Shopify POS

There are a few requirements to use physical gift cards with Shopify POS:

Where to buy physical gift cards

You can choose your design and order physical gift cards from the Shopify Hardware Store:

United States hardware.shopify.com
Canada hardware.shopify.ca
United Kingdom hardware.shopify.co.uk
Ireland hardware.shopify.ie

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