Google Wifi

Use Google Wifi to extend your wireless network throughout your shop. You can connect ethernet devices like the Star Micronics TSP100LAN receipt printer to a Google Wifi point's ethernet port.

Where to buy Google Wifi

If you're in Canada or the United States, then you can buy Google Wifi from the Shopify Hardware Store. For all other countries and regions, please check the Google Store for availability.

Set up Google Wifi


  1. Place your primary Google Wifi point. You must be able to connect your primary Google Wifi point to your modem with an ethernet cable.
  1. Connect your primary Google Wifi point's ethernet port to the WAN port of your modem with an ethernet cable. Plug the Google Wifi point into a power outlet.

  2. Place any additional Google Wifi points that you want around your store.

  3. Optional: If you are using a receipt printer that requires an Ethernet connection, then make sure that you place a Google Wifi point close to your receipt printer. Connect the Google Wifi point's ethernet port to your receipt printer's ethernet port.

  4. Download the Google Wifi app on iOS or Android.

  5. In the Google Wifi app, tap Get started and then follow the instructions to set up your Google Wifi network.

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