Troubleshooting your internet connection and router

Where can I find the documentation?

You can read our main documentation about configuring your internet connection in Connecting Shopify POS to your network.

How do I connect my iPad to the internet?

Never used an iPad before? Connecting to the internet is easy. Check out this Apple article on how to join wi-fi networks.

I'm having network problems with my Apple AirPort Express. It was working before, but now it's not. What can I do?

Try disconnecting and reconnecting your iPad from your wi-fi signal. If you're still having problems, take a look at the Apple AirPort Express support guide. Apple also has discussion forums where you can submit a question to the Apple AirPort Community and get responses from other users and support.

Common network troubleshooting

Follow this guide to troubleshoot any network issue you might have when using Shopify POS.


  1. Try loading the website using the Safari app on your iPad:

    • If loads properly, please contact Shopify support.
    • If does not load properly on your iPad, please move on to the following steps for more troubleshooting instructions.
  2. Check if your iPad is connected to a wi-fi network using the instructions on If you are connected, please move on to the next step.

  3. Can you connect to the internet on another device on the same network — for example, a phone or computer?

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