Moneris card reader

If you're using Shopify POS Classic for iPad and your store is on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can use the Moneris iPP320 terminal to accept tap, chip, and swipe payments. You can use the Moneris iPP320 terminal to accept payments from all major credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Use this guide to set up the terminal, and then tap Credit/Debit from the Shopify POS app to take a card payment.

Moneris iPP320 terminal

If you enable the Moneris terminal on a POS device, then Moneris will process only card transactions for that device. You do not need to enable Moneris in your store's Payment providers settings.

You can still use Shopify Payments as your credit card payment provider for your online store, and you can use Shopify Payments on another POS device with a different supported card reader.


To use the Moneris iPP320 terminal with Shopify, you need the following:

  • a store on the on the Shopify plan or higher
  • Shopify POS Classic for iPad (version 3.5 or higher)
  • a Canada-based Shopify account
  • your store's currency set to CAD
  • an active Moneris merchant account
  • access to a power outlet
  • both ethernet and Wi-Fi network access at your point of sale
  • an iPad (the terminal isn't compatible with Shopify POS for iPhone or Android)

Step 1: Connect your terminal

Your terminal includes a single connection cable that connects the terminal to your network and to an AC power adapter.


  1. Plug the connection cable’s network plug into the ethernet jack.
  2. Connect the power adapter to the port on the connection cable, and then plug the power adapter into a power outlet.
  3. Plug the connection cable into the bottom of the payment terminal (the connector resembles an HDMI plug). Use the screws that are included with your terminal to secure the cable to the terminal.

After you connect the terminal, it will beep and its screen will light up.

Step 2: Configure the terminal

When you start your terminal for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter the device settings, starting with the Language options. If your terminal displays Welcome / Bonjour instead of the setup menu, then you need to restart it by following the steps in the Troubleshooting section of this guide.

Before you can start using your terminal with Shopify POS, you need to enter the correct device settings. If you need to cancel one of the device settings that you’ve entered before, then press the red X button to restart.

These are the settings that you should choose at each step of the setup process:

Device settings for initial setup
Setting Description
Language/Langue Press F1 for English or F4 for French. This sets the default language for the terminal and printed receipts.
Contactless Reader Press F1 to enable contactless (“tap”) cards.
Mode Press F1 to move down the list and select PCI, and then press the green O button to confirm.
Ethernet IP Type The terminal can be networked using a dynamic address, or you can specify the network settings manually. In most cases, you should use a dynamic address. Select DYNAMIC by pressing F4.
IP Host Setup Select Public, and then select Production (press F1 or F4 to change the selection, and press the green O button to confirm).

Select IPG1, and press the green O button to confirm. If the card reader doesn't connect when the configuration is complete, then repeat the configuration steps using IPG2 or IPG3.
Auto DNS Press F1 to select YES, unless you have special networking requirements.
Enter IP Config Retry Period This defaults to 10. Press the green O button to confirm.
Enter Host Connect Timeout The defaults to 20. Press the green O button to confirm.
Remove Card Beep This controls whether or not the terminal will beep if the customer leaves their card inserted after completing a purchase. Select ON by pressing F1 to have the terminal beep when a card is left in, or select OFF by pressing F4.
Cashback Press F4 to select NO. Shopify POS does not support cashback.
Surcharge Select NONE (press F1 or F4 to change the selection), and then press the green O button to confirm. Shopify POS does not support surcharge.
Status Report Press F1 to enable this feature.
ERNEX Press F4 to disable the ERNEX loyalty card system. Shopify POS does not support ERNEX.

After you enter the settings, your terminal is almost ready to use. Press the green O button twice to display the Welcome / Bonjour screen. If you change the terminal’s network settings, then it will reboot automatically before it displays the Welcome / Bonjour screen.

Step 3: Configure Shopify POS to use your new terminal

After you’ve set up your terminal, you can enable it in the Shopify POS app on your iPad. To complete this step, you’ll need to refer to the Moneris Merchant Information Sheet that you received from Moneris with your terminal or by email.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap Store, and then tap Payment types.
  2. Tap Moneris Terminal:
    Moneris Terminal button on the Shopify POS Payments settings screen
  3. Enable the Moneris terminal by tapping the toggle button. This will display 3 fields that you need to complete: IP Address, Merchant ID, and ECR ID.
    Moneris settings screen
  4. Enter the terminal’s IP Address. You can get this from the terminal by pressing F2 and then F3. Enter this into the iPad the same way as it is displayed on the terminal. The address will be a combination of 4 sets of numbers separated by periods.
  5. Enter the Merchant ID, which is included on your Moneris Merchant Information Sheet. The Merchant ID is generally a 13-digit number that starts with 0030. If you have more than one Moneris terminal, then this number will be the same for all of them, since it is your account number.
  6. Enter the ECR ID, which is included on your Moneris Merchant Information Sheet. The ECR ID is a number specific to each terminal. It’s generally 8 digits long and might be labelled Debit/Credit ECR on your Moneris Merchant Information Sheet. Note that the ECR ID is not the same as the terminal’s serial number.
  7. After entering these settings, tap Initialize terminal in the top-right of the iPad screen. The initialization can take up to a minute, and Shopify POS will tell you when it is complete. This process verifies that the settings are correct, and updates the terminal with your merchant account information.

If you ever make changes to your account with Moneris (like changing your processing limits or accepted forms of payments), then you can return to the settings screen and tap Initialize terminal again to make the changes take effect.

Transaction codes

After you've processed a transaction with the Moneris iPP320, you can find information about the transaction in the Timeline section of the order's details page. At the end of the transaction's reference number, you'll see a letter that indicates how the payment was processed:

Descriptions of transaction codes
Code Description
S Card was swiped.
M Card information was manually entered.
C Chip card was inserted.
H EMV card was tapped.
T Contactless magnetic stripe card was tapped.
F Fallback swipe after a chip failure.
G Manual entry after all card interfaces (tap, chip, and swipe) failed.
Q Card declined due to chip failure.


  1. From the Orders page of your Shopify admin, click the order number of an order that you processed with the Moneris terminal.
  2. In the Timeline section, click A $xx.xx payment was processed on Semi Integrated Moneris:
    Moneris transaction message in an order's Timeline section
  3. Click Information from the gateway:
    Information from the gateway button

In the Emv receipt details section, the transaction code is the letter at the end of the reference number:

Transaction code in an order's Timeline section

Advanced networking

If you have problems with networking, then you might want to change your terminal’s Ethernet IP Type from a dynamic IP address to a static IP address, and then configure your network router to reserve the address you use for the terminal.


  1. Restart the terminal by following the steps in the Troubleshooting section of this guide.
  2. Follow the steps in the configuration table above (see Step 2), but select STATIC on the Ethernet IP Type prompt instead of DYNAMIC.
  3. After you select STATIC, enter your router’s IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and Primary and Secondary DNS Servers (you can find this information in your router’s configuration).
  4. Complete the terminal setup.


Failed to Initialize Terminal error

Sometimes the Moneris terminal will change its IP address, and you'll need to follow the connection-error steps above to check and update the IP address before you re-initialize the terminal.

Check your terminal model and software version

To work with Shopify POS, your Moneris terminal needs to be an iPP320 with the correct software installed. You can check your terminal's software version using the serial number that appears when you reboot the terminal.


  1. Make sure that the terminal model number on the back of the Moneris device is iPP320.
  2. Reboot the terminal by unplugging it and then plugging it in again.
  3. When the terminal reboots, the fourth screen shows the software serial number in the format Uxxxx-xxxxxxxx, where each x is a number. The first four numbers represent the software version. Check that the first four numbers are one of the following patterns:
    • 0224, 0253
    • 1117 and higher.

If your numbers match any of those patterns, then your terminal's software is compatible with Shopify POS.

Using multiple iPads

Your Moneris terminal should be connected with only one iPad at a time. If you connect more than one iPad to a single terminal, then its network connection will fail, and you will risk losing sales.

If you want to sell using multiple iPads at your retail location, then you need to get an additional Moneris terminal for each iPad.

Returning to the terminal setup menu

The terminal’s setup menu appears automatically the first time you power up a new terminal. If you want to make changes to your terminal’s configuration, then you need to reboot the terminal and open the setup menu manually.


  1. Reboot the terminal by pressing and holding the yellow < button and the punctuation button .,#* at the same time. When the terminal screen flickers off, release the buttons.
  2. When the terminal has rebooted and its screen displays a message that looks like “U-0224-NNNNNNNNN”, press and release the red X button, and then quickly press the green O button to open the setup menu.
  3. Follow the steps in the configuration table (see Step 2) to set up your terminal.

Connection error in Shopify POS

If your in-store network connection isn’t stable, then Shopify POS might have difficulty connecting to your terminal.

If your terminal’s Ethernet IP Type is set to Dynamic, then it can lose connection with Shopify POS when your in-store internet connection fails. If this happens, then the Checkout screen in Shopify POS will display a message that says No card reader connected, and you will need to update your Shopify POS settings to include the terminal’s IP address before you can continue.


  1. Open the Settings menu in Shopify POS, and then tap Payment types.
  2. Tap Moneris Terminal.
  3. On your terminal, press F2 and F3 to display its current IP address.
  4. In Shopify POS, enter the terminal’s new IP address.
  5. Tap Initialize terminal to save your changes.

If this happens often, then you might want to change your terminal’s Ethernet IP Type to Static instead of Dynamic (see the Advanced Networking section above).

Re-initializing the Moneris terminal

There are times when you might have to re-initialize the Moneris terminal, for example if you toggle it off and on in the Shopify POS payment settings, or if you change something in your Moneris account.

Sometimes the Moneris terminal will change its IP address, and you'll need to follow the connection-error steps above to check and update the IP address before you re-initialize the terminal.

If the Shopify POS app gets stuck in initializing mode because the IP address needs to be updated, then you can force the app to quit before you update the IP address.


  1. Press the iPad's home button twice to display all the apps that are running on the iPad.
  2. Find the Shopify POS app and swipe it upwards to remove it from the list of apps.
  3. Press the iPad's home button to return to the iPad's home screen.
  4. Find and tap the Shopify POS app to open it, and then follow the connection-error steps.

Failed to initialize no match on PED serial number error

A failed to initialize no match on PED serial number error means one of two things:

  • The Merchant ID or ECR ID was entered incorrectly when you configured Shopify POS to work with your terminal.
  • The terminal wasn't activated correctly by Moneris.

Check that you entered the Merchant ID and ECR ID correctly in Shopify POS. If they're correct, then contact Moneris support.

Contacting support

If you still have trouble connecting your terminal to Shopify POS after trying these troubleshooting steps, then contact Shopify support. If you need help with transactions, payouts, or using your terminal, then contact Moneris support from their support page or by calling 1-866-319-7450.

Alternatives for refunding

In admin

You can use a manual procedure in your Shopify admin to approximate a return or exchange.


  1. In your Shopify admin, click Orders and select the order to refund.
  2. Click Refund.
  3. Select the items to refund, note the refund amount, and change the refund amount to $0.
  4. Restock the items.
  5. Either manually issue a gift card for the correct refund amount or create a new draft order for equivalent items if they want to do an exchange.
  6. Optional: you can also remove cash from the drawer to pay their customer and make an adjustment to the cash tracking to indicate that cash was given to a customer for the order that cannot be refunded.

In app

If you have access to more than one iPad at your location, you can keep POS Classic installed on one device to process returns until your return policy threshold expires.

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