Tap & Chip Reader

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Tap & Chip card reader for Shopify POS

The Shopify Tap & Chip Reader is an EMV-compliant card reader that connects wirelessly to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. You can use Shopify's Tap & Chip Reader to accept contactless and chip card payments with the Shopify POS app.

Card reader requirements and supported payment types

To use the Tap & Chip Reader, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • a store based in the United States
  • Shopify Payments activated as your store's payment provider
  • a compatible iPad, iPhone, or Android device that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or higher:

    • iPhone - iPhone 6 or higher
    • iPad - iPad Air 2 or higher
    • iPad mini - iPad mini 4
    • iOS - iOS device running iOS 11 or higher
    • Android - Android device running version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher
  • a compatible version of Shopify POS:

    • iOS - Shopify POS 5.12.0 or higher
    • Android - Shopify POS 3.4.0 or higher

You can use the Tap & Chip Reader to accept payments from the following payment types:

  • Visa and Visa Debit
  • Mastercard and Debit Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Where to buy the Tap & Chip Reader

The Tap & Chip Reader is available only from the Shopify Hardware Store in the United States.

Power the Tap & Chip Reader on and off

To turn on the Tap & Chip Reader, press and release its power button. The status lights will turn on. If you've already paired and connected the reader with your POS device, then the reader automatically reconnects to the device.

Tap & Chip card reader components

After one hour of inactivity, the Tap & Chip Reader goes to sleep. You need to press and release the power button to wake the card reader again. If you press and hold the power button for 4 seconds or more, then the reader resets any Bluetooth pairing it had, and needs to be paired again.

Charge the Tap & Chip Reader

You can charge the Tap & Chip Reader by using the USB cable that's supplied with it. To charge the reader, plug the small end of USB connector into the card reader or its base, and then plug the large end into a phone charger or computer.

The Tap & Chip Reader takes 1-2 hours to charge fully. After the reader's fully charged, its battery should last for a week of selling.

Press the power button to display the reader's battery level on the four status lights.

How to interpret battery level lights on the Tap & Chip Reader
● ● ● ● Full charge
● ● ● ○ 75% charge
● ● ○ ○ 50% charge
● ○ ○ ○ 25% charge
● ○ ○ ○ (red) Low battery
● ❂ ○ ○ (flashing) Charging

Pair and connect the Tap & Chip Reader to your POS device

To use the card reader with Shopify POS, you need to pair and connect the reader with your POS device. After the reader and device are paired, the reader connects to the device automatically whenever both are turned on and in range.


Unpair the Tap & Chip Reader from your POS device

You can use the Tap & Chip Reader with only one device at a time. If you want to use the card reader with another device, then you need to first unpair it from its current device.


Accept payment with the Tap and Chip Reader

Troubleshoot the Tap & Chip Reader

If your card reader isn't working, then you can troubleshoot the problem by going through the following steps with a test order:

  1. Check that you meet the requirements to use the Tap & Chip Reader.

  2. Check that you have an internet connection. Shopify POS needs to connect to the internet through wi-fi or your device's cellular data to process payments. If you can't connect to the internet, then you won't be able to process payments with the Tap & Chip Reader.

    If you want to process credit card payments but you don't have an internet connection, then you need to use an external payment terminal.

  3. Check that your device has Bluetooth enabled and that the card reader is showing as connected in the Shopify POS hardware settings. If the card reader isn't showing as connected, then try pairing the card reader with your device.

  4. When pairing the card reader with your device, make sure that you don't hold the power button for more than 4 seconds. If you continue holding the power button after the LED lights flash back and forth, then one of the following things could happen:

    • If the card reader is unpaired, then the reader is turned off.
    • If the card reader is already paired, then the reader is disconnected from the current device.
  5. Make sure that you're tapping Credit at the payments screen. The External terminal payment option is only for when you're using an external payment terminal instead of a Shopify-supported card reader.

  6. iOS only: Go to the Hardware section of the Shopify POS settings, and check whether your device is also paired with the Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader.

    When both card readers are paired with your device, Shopify POS tries to use the Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader because it has the most features. If you want to be certain of which card reader to use, then unpair the reader that you want Shopify POS to ignore.

  7. Make sure that you're inserting the card correctly.

  8. Try entering the card information manually. If this works, then there's a problem with the card reader.

  9. If the manual entry doesn't work, force quit the Shopify POS app, and then turn off the device. Turn the device back on, open Shopify POS, and ensure that the card reader has re-connected. When the card reader's status light shows that the reader's connected, try another test order.

If your card reader's still not working, then contact Shopify Support.

Shopify Dock for Tap & Chip

Shopify Dock for the Tap & Chip

The dock for the Shopify Tap & Chip card reader does the following:

  • provides power to the reader so that it is always on and charged

  • elevates the reader

  • secures the reader to a countertop

The dock is available from the Shopify Hardware Store in the United States.

Attaching the Shopify Tap & Chip card reader to the dock

  1. Optional: Mount the dock to a countertop using the M5 (0.8 mm) bolt and nut. You need to drill a hole through the countertop. You then screw the bolt through the bottom of the counter top and in to the bottom of the dock.

  2. Remove the end cap from the dock.

  3. Slide the Shopify Tap & Chip card reader into the dock. Make sure that the USB-C connector on the dock connects to the card reader.

  4. Replace the end cap.

  5. Connect the power cable to the dock and then to a power source that has a USB-A connector, such as the Shopify Retail Stand.

Shopify Tap & Chip iPhone case

Shopify Tap & Chip iPhone case

The case is designed to attach the Shopify Tap & Chip reader to the back of your iPhone. This gives you the mobility and ease to take payments without being restricted to a countertop checkout. It also offers protection for your iPhone and card reader.

The case is compatible with the iPhone X and iPhone XS models. It is available from the Shopify Hardware Store.

Attaching the case to the iPhone and Shopify Tap & Chip reader

We recommend that you attach the iPhone to the case before you attach the Shopify Tap & Chip reader.

You need to power on and pair the Shopify Tap & Chip reader before you attach it to the case.


  1. Power on the card reader and then pair the card reader to your phone.

  2. Attach the case to the iPhone.

  3. Attach the case to the Shopify Tap & Chip reader.

Remove the Shopify Tap & Chip reader from the case before you detach the iPhone.

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