Point of sale receipts

The Payment successful screen appears after you've taken payment for an order. From the Payment successful screen, you have a few options:

Options for POS sale receipts
To send an email receipt to the customer Tap Email receipt to enter an email address, and then tap Send.
To send a text receipt Tap Text receipt to enter a phone number, including the area code, and then tap Send.
To print a receipt Tap Print receipt. This option is available only if you're using Shopify POS for iPad on the Shopify plan or higher and have a receipt printer connected.
To return to the products and cart screen Tap Done.

If you're using Shopify POS on the Shopify plan or higher and you have a receipt printer installed, then you can activate automatic receipt printing. The default receipt printer needs to be available and not offline for automatic receipt printing to work. You can set the default receipt printer and select any printer that you have installed.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap Store, and then tap Settings.

  2. In the Receipt settings section, enable the Always print receipts option:

    Always print receipts option — Shopify POS for iPad

Reprint a receipt

You can reprint a receipt from the order screen.


  1. From Shopify POS, tap Orders.

  2. Tap the order that you want to print a receipt for.

  3. Tap Receipt, and then tap Print receipt.

Produce gift receipts

On the Orders screen of Shopify POS, you can print a gift receipt. The gift receipt option will not display your products' prices.


  1. On the Orders screen, tap the order that you want to view.

  2. Tap Print Gift Receipt.

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