Marking a Shopify POS order as fulfilled or unfulfilled

Understanding automatic fulfillment behavior

The automatic fulfillment behavior of Shopify POS depends on your fulfillment setting:

Fulfillment behavior in Shopify POS based on settings
Always Fulfill Orders Fulfillment status
On Order marked as Fulfilled
Off Order marked as Not Fulfilled

Setting fulfillment status manually

Under some circumstances, you can override the fulfillment preferences and manually set the status of an order to:

Manually setting an order status to Not Fulfilled

You can't manually change the status of an order to Not Fulfilled after the order is placed.

This means that if you want to manually record an order as Not Fulfilled, even though the item is in stock, you must switch off Always Fulfill Orders in your fulfillment preferences before you process the transaction.

Manually setting an order status to Fulfilled

You can set the status of an order to Fulfilled while it's still in the cart. This overrides any Always Fulfill Orders setting you have.

To set the status of the order you're currently processing to Fulfilled:

The order's status is recorded as Fulfilled even if the item's out of stock.

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