Getting support for QuickBooks POS migration and integration

If you need help, then you can contact one of the dedicated Support teams. Depending on your question, you can get support from Intuit or Shopify.

Review the following table to learn more about support contact information, hours of operation, and whom to contact:

QuickBooks POS migration support information
Question type Contact information Hours of operation
Questions about the migration process, including hardware or plan promotions. Contact Shopify QuickBooks Migration Specialists by phone
  • 1-833-476-1302
  • Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm EST
    Questions about upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop POS to version 19, exporting data files from QuickBooks, and other QuickBooks Desktop accounting software questions. Contact Intuit Support using one of the following options:
  • 1-800-446-8848
  • Chat option
  • Support Center
  • Monday to Friday, 6am - 6pm PST
    Questions about Shopify and Shopify POS. Contact the Retail and Shopify POS support team 24/7

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