Shopify POS retail package

You can add the retail package to your Shopify plan to get extra features in Shopify POS.

With the retail package, you can use additional hardware with Shopify POS to create a full retail store experience. You might use a barcode printer to print barcodes for your products, and then add products to the cart by scanning their barcode with a barcode scanner. You could also use a receipt printer to print receipts, gift receipts, and paper gift cards for your customers.

The retail package also gives you features to help you manage your store, like register shifts, cash tracking, staff PINs, and saved carts.

You can find the cost of the retail package on Shopify's pricing page.

Retail package features

The retail package is intended to help you create a full retail store experience, so the majority of its features work only with Shopify POS for iPad. If you use Shopify POS for iPhone, then you can add the retail package to use a Swipe card reader with a supported third-party gateway and physical gift cards.

In Shopify POS for iPad, the retail package gives you the following additional features:

Hardware Connect with additional retail hardware such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, or barcode scanner. You can re-use your own retail hardware if it's supported by Shopify.
Moneris card reader If your store's based in Canada, then you can use the Moneris card reader to accept credit and debit payments, including Interac.
Print receipts Print customized receipts at checkout.
Gift receipts Provide your customers with a gift receipt.
Physical gift cards (Shopify plan and higher) Sell and redeem physical gift cards.
POS-supported payment providers Use the Swipe card readers with a POS-supported payment provider.
Register shifts Use register shifts to balance your cash drawer on a regular basis and hold staff accountable for the money they've handled.
Cash tracking Track your cash float and summarize daily register totals.
Staff PINs Add unlimited staff members with PIN entry.
Staff permissions Enable limited permissions for staff members who have a POS PIN.
Saved carts Save a cart during checkout, and retrieve it later.

The Shopify retail package provides in-app support for the following hardware components:

Learn more about using hardware with Shopify POS.

Add the retail package to your Shopify plan

You can add the retail package to your Shopify plan from the Point of Sale Setup page in your Shopify admin.

To add the retail package:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Point of Sale, and then click Setup.

  2. In the Retail package section, click Enable.

  3. A dialog displays showing how the retail package will affect your subscription fee. Click Add Retail Package.

If you ever want to remove the retail package from your Shopify plan, then you can do so from the Point of Sale Setup page of your Shopify admin by clicking Disable.

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