Retail requirements - Singapore

If your store is located in a mall in Singapore, then you might be required to send a gross turnover (GTO) report to the landlord or operator on a daily basis.

There are several different ways that you can send this report. Some of these third-party solutions might have an additional cost.

Third-party solutions for GTO report requirements.
EIXThis third-party app generates a GTO report according to the file format provided by your landlord and submits the GTO to the shopping mall using either the local network connection or Internet connection. The app integrates with Shopify POS.
EISOLThis third-party app automates real-time or daily sales submissions to the shopping mall. The app integrates with Shopify POS.
ExporteoThis third-party app generates generic or customized reports and can automatically upload it to an FTP server. The app integrates with Shopify POS.
ERP (Enterprise resource planning) SystemIf you already use an ERP system with Shopify POS, then you might be able to use this system to create a GTO report and send it to your landlord.
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