Applying discounts to the whole cart

A cart discount (or order-specific discount) is applied to all items in the Shopify POS cart.

A cart discount can be a flat dollar value or a percentage of the cart value.

You can also apply fixed value or percentage discount codes that you create in the Shopify admin or Shopify app, as long as all the items in the cart meet the discount code's requirements. You can't use Buy X Get Y discount codes on Shopify POS.

Apply a cart discount

  1. In Shopify POS, tap Apply discount.

  2. Tap Amount, Percentage (%), or Price override.

  3. Fill in the fields and tap Save.

Cart discounts change the subtotal shown in the cart. The regular retail price of the order appears under the subtotal.

Edit a cart discount

  1. In Shopify POS, tap the discount.

  2. Edit the discount.

  3. Tap Save to save your changes.

Remove a cart discount

To remove a cart discount, swipe the discount field left to reveal a Delete button.

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