Combining discounts

Learn about the effects of applying more than one discount in the cart.

Combine percentage and monetary discounts

You can apply the following discounts:

  • a percentage discount on a line item, on the cart, or on both
  • a monetary discount on a line item, on the cart, or on both
  • a combination of line-item discounts and one cart discount.

If you create a combination discount, then the monetary line-item discount is applied before the percentage cart discount, like this:

Original product price = 20.00

Monetary line-item discount = 5.00

Product price (less the monetary discount): 20.00 - 5.00 = 15.00

Percentage cart discount = 10%

Value of percentage discount: 15.00 x 0.1 = 1.50

Final product price (less all discounts): 15.00 - 1.50 = 13.50

Sell multiple quantities of a discounted item

If the cart contains multiple quantities of a product that attracts a monetary line-item discount, then the discount is applied only once:

Product Price = (Quantity x Pre-discount price) - (Monetary discount)

If you want to honor a line-item discount multiple times, then you have two options:

  • Calculate the sum of the discounts and use that figure as the line-item discount.
  • Apply the discount as a percentage instead.

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