Discount combinations on POS

For some of your promotions, you might want to allow different discounts to combine. You can choose from eligible combinations so that customers benefit from the best possible total discount based on their cart. You can set up both automatic discounts and discount codes to combine.

Each discount that you create has one of the following types depending on what the discount applies to:

  • order discount
  • product discount
  • shipping discount

Using Shopify POS, you can apply custom discounts to line-items or to the whole cart.

If you have set up automatic discounts and discount codes in your Shopify admin, then you can add and combine these discounts in the Shopify POS checkout. You need to make sure that your discounts can be combined.

Refer to Discount combinations to learn more about how to set up discounts to be combinable.

Types of discount combinations

The following types of discounts can be combined in a single checkout:

  • unique product discounts
  • multiple order discounts
  • custom order or line item discounts
  • shipping discounts

The following types of discounts can't be combined in a single checkout:

  • more than one product discount for the same product
  • Custom line item discounts on a split line item

For example, you can combine discounts for Product A and Product B, two order discounts, and a shipping discount. You can't add an additional discount for Product A.

When you choose to have a discount combine with other discounts, you select which types of discounts that it can combine with. For example, if you create a discount code for 10% off an order, then you can choose to combine that order discount code with product discount codes.

Eligibility requirements

To have access to the combined discounting functionality, your store location has to use Shopify POS Pro.

Considerations for discount combinations

  • If product and order discounts are combined, then multiple discounts might be applied to the same line item. For example, if a customer's cart is eligible for an automatic discount of 10% off their order, and they enter a discount code for 5 USD off a product in their cart, then both discounts apply to the eligible item.
  • If two or more discounts are applied, but can’t be combined due to the discount combination setting or the content of the cart, then the best discount for the customer's cart is always applied. For example, if you have an uncombinable 20% off discount for your socks collection and an uncombinable 30 USD off discount for your Christmas socks collection, and then a customer applies both to their cart, then the better discount for the customer applies.
  • Product discounts apply before the order subtotal calculates at checkout. This means that order discounts calculate based on the subtotal after the product discount is applied.
  • Custom discounts are based on the calculated subtotal. If you have an order of 100 USD in your cart, and you apply a 10% discount code, then the subtotal is 90 USD. If another custom discount is applied for 10%, then that discount is calculated based on the current subtotal, which is 90 USD. This results in a final subtotal of 81 USD.
  • Multiple discounts are applied to an order only when the setting on each discount allows the combination.
  • If you're creating a new discount to combine with another new discount, then you don't have to set both up simultaneously. You can set up and save the first discount, and then create the second discount afterwards. After each discount is active and set up to combine with one another, they combine automatically when a customer applies both to an order.
  • You can edit your discount combinations at any time. For example, if you have a free shipping discount and an order discount combining and then your order discount promotion ends, then you can edit the free shipping discount so that it combines with a product discount instead.

Test your discount combinations

You can test your discount combinations to ensure that they're eligible to combine and functioning correctly. Place a test order on your store by adding the products to your cart that trigger the discount combination and then entering the associated discount codes. Learn more about test transactions on Shopify POS.

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