Discount management

In Shopify POS, you can apply discounts when you've added items to the cart. You can apply a discount to the whole cart or individual line items, or a combination of both.

Each discount that you create has one of the following types depending on what the discount applies to:

  • order discount
  • product discount
  • shipping discount

Using Shopify POS, you can apply custom discounts to line items, or to the whole cart.

If you have set up automatic discounts and discount codes in your Shopify admin, then you can add and combine these discounts in the Shopify POS checkout. You need to make sure that your discounts can be combined.

You can use discounts that are created through Discount Functions using Shopify apps on Shopify POS. If you currently use a third-party discount app to create and manage your discounts for your online store, then you can now use the same discounts on Shopify POS.

If you have locations with a POS Pro subscription, then you can apply any automatic discounts you create to those locations.

To allow your staff to use POS discounts, give your staff permissions to Apply custom discounts or Apply discount codes. Learn more about POS staff permissions.

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