Getting started with Shopify POS

Before you start selling through your Shopify POS app, you need to choose the Shopify plan best suited for your business, purchase and connect any POS hardware that you need, and set up your POS app to accept payments. You can use Shopify POS's basic features on every Shopify plan at no extra cost. If you want extra retail features, then you need to use Shopify POS pro.

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Shopify POS plans

Shopify POS Pro gives you the following additional features:

Shopify POS Pro features
Feature Definition
Analytics Daily Sales analytics report for Shopify POS.
Cash tracking Track your cash float and summarize daily register totals.
Customer view app Display checkout information to your Shopify POS customers with the Customer View app.
Customized receipts Customize the template for your printed receipts.
Email cart details to customer Use Email cart for Shopify POS to email them the cart details and let them check out online.
Exchanges Exchange a returned item for a new item using Shopify POS.
Sales attribution Use sales attribution in the Shopify admin so that you can track sales performance of staff.
Save and retrieve orders save an incomplete transaction on Shopify POS for later.
Ship orders to your customer's home Select the shipping address or shipping rates for an order in the Shopify POS cart to ship the order to the customer's address.
Staff permissions Enable permissions for staff members who have a POS PIN.
Stocky Use Stocky for demand forecasting, purchase orders, stocktakes, and stock transfers to keep track of what inventory you need and what inventory you have.
Unlimited POS-only staff Create and edit POS-only staff for Shopify POS.

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