Dymo label printing

You can print your own barcode labels directly from the Stocky app using DYMO Label Printing software.

Download DYMO Label Printing software

In order to print your own barcode labels directly from the Stocky app, you need to download the appropriate DYMO Label Printing software based on your DYMO printer model and operating system (OS).

Refer to DYMO's Compatibility Chart to determine which software is required for your DYMO printer and operating system and download the appropriate version.

Printing a barcode using Dymo Label Printing


  1. In the Stocky app, click a confirmed purchase order.
  2. Click the arrow for a dropdown menu.
  3. Select Print Dymo label.

If you're printing a label for the first time, then you need to upload your Dymo label template. You can create a template using the Dymo Label Printing software.

To make sure that Stocky knows which data to display on your labels, you need to name the text fields with any of the following approved names:

  • product_title
  • variant_title
  • sku
  • barcode
  • price
  • price_cents
  • cost_price
  • cost_price_cents
  • supplier_code
  • supplier

Naming a text field

You need to have the Dymo Label Printing software installed and running on your computer so that the Stocky app can communicate with your Dymo label printer.


  1. In the DYMO Label Printing software, right-click a text field and then select Properties.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. In the Reference name section, choose and enter a name from the approved list of text field names.
  4. Click OK to save the information.
  5. Save the label to your computer.
  6. Upload the label to Stocky by clicking Preferences, and then Dymo.

The DYMO label template requires each field to have a unique name. For example, if you want to have two SKUs printed on the label, then you need to give each SKU a different reference name. To help with this, add a second set of merge fields ending in _2. For example sku_2, barcode_2.

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