You can use stocktakes to count your inventory and make adjustments to your inventory levels to make sure that they're accurate. You can perform a stock take manually, or use a barcode scanner instead. If you make any changes to inventory levels, then Stocky makes the same adjustments in Shopify.

Perform a manual stocktake

  1. In Stocky, click Inventory > Stocktakes.
  2. Click + Stocktake.
  3. Name the stocktake. In the Stocktake type, field choose manual.
  4. Enter the rest of the details of the stocktake, and then click Create Stocktake.
  5. For each product, do one of the following:
    • If a product has the correct inventory, then click the thumbs up button.
    • If a product's inventory needs adjusting, click the thumbs down button, enter the correct inventory level, and then click Update Stock Level.

After you review all the products, you can leave the page.

Perform a stocktake with a barcode scanner

Before you begin performing a stocktake in Stocky, make sure that your supported barcode scanner is set to Basic Mode. For instructions, refer to the manufacturer's user manual.


  1. In Stocky, click Inventory > Stocktakes.
  2. Click +Stocktake.
  3. Name the stocktake, and in the Stocktake type field choose barcode.
  4. Enter a location for the stocktake, and then click Create Stocktake.
  5. Scan the barcode of each product.
  6. After all the barcodes are scanned, click Create Stock Adjustment and then confirm the adjustment.

Partial and full stocktakes

By default a newly created stocktake is a full stocktake. To change this into a partial stocktake go to the Missed tab and click Filters. Here you can specify filters to select only a subset of your products for doing the stocktake on.

The Missed tab will show you all products that fit within your selected filters and have not already been added to the stocktake.

If you get to the end of the stocktake and there are still items in your missed list then it means you might have items missing from your shelves but have a positive inventory level. You can reset these items to zero by clicking Zero All or by selecting them with the checkboxes on the left then clicking Zero Selected.

If you accidentally scan an item that is not part of your filtered partial stocktake it will flag up with a warning. You can then remove it from the stocktake by clicking the button to the right then Delete.

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