Returns and refunds using Shopify POS

You can refund an entire order or part of an order from the Shopify POS Orders screen.

Refunded items are added to the inventory of your Shopify POS app's assigned location.

Return or Refund an order using Shopify POS


  1. On the home screen of the Shopify POS app, tap Orders.
  2. Tap the order of the item being returned.
  3. Tap Return.
  4. Use the + and - to enter the quantity of each item that you're refunding.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Optional: Click Select reason to display a list of options to choose from for the return.
    • If you click Next after the return reason screen, then you’ll be prompted to accept an “Unknown” return reason. For each reason, you can optionally add a note.
    • If you select Other for the return reason, then you must input a reason. Return reasons aren't displayed for orders where there are items that are unfulfilled. Instead, a free form text field for refund notes is provided.
  7. Optional: If you don't want to return an item to your inventory, then tap Restock at this location, deactivate the restock option, and then tap Save.
  8. Optional: Tap Refund tips to refund tips given.
  9. Optional: Tap Refund shipping to refund the cost of shipping.
  10. Optional: Activate Refund to gift card to issue a gift card to the customer for the refund amount. The gift card product needs to be published to the POS sales channel for this option to be available.
  11. If the customer used more than one payment method, then you can split the refund between the same payment methods that they used. Tap Edit in the Amount to Refund section and enter the amount that you want to refund to each payment method.
  12. When you're ready to process the refund, tap Refund.
  13. Optional: Provide a receipt to the customer.
  14. Tap Done.

Cancel an order using Shopify POS

If an order can be canceled, then the cancel order button displays for up to 15 minutes after the order is placed. After 15 minutes, the transactions process and capture funds. Only orders in an Authorized state can be canceled. Transaction fees don't apply to canceled orders.

The following restrictions apply to canceling orders:

  • Canceling orders isn't available in Germany or Italy
  • Split payment orders can't be canceled
  • Orders that use the following payment methods can't be canceled:


  1. You can cancel an order from the checkout or from the Orders screen:
    • From the checkout, tap Cancel order.
    • From the home screen of the Shopify POS app, tap Orders, tap the order you want to cancel, and then tap Cancel.
  2. Optional: If you don't want to return an item to your inventory, then tap the button to Restock all items at this location, and then tap Don't restock.
  3. Tap Next.
  4. Select a reason for canceling the order.
  5. Tap Confirm and process. If you have manager approval activated and aren't the manager, then the manager must enter a PIN and then tap the arrow button to confirm the cancellation.
  6. Tap Done.
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